Shamanics in Portugal & Your Soul

Enjoy the Abundance of Your Soul
& The Earth Spirit Journal

Your soul desires to evolve, to achieve the destiny it is creating for you. Our purpose is to help you do more than overcome lack of clarity, fear, pain and dis-comfort, imbalance and lack of harmony in your life.

Rather we will help you gain insights from your soul so you can align with and achieve its desires.

Yes, we will help you clear energy blocks and shadow from all parts of your Being. Including your physical, emotional, mental and light bodies.

For a Shaman is Someone who has been Appointed and Initiated by Spirit and Nature…

…to look after the needs of his or her community.

We will also guide you to connect with Spirit and your destiny, creating alignment with what your soul desires. Freeing you to accelerate all aspects of your life, business and personal.

Your Soul is Seeking Freedom…

…our purpose is to help you bring its peace, harmony and abundance into your life.

Using shamanic practices we will guide you to open a place between the visible and the invisible worlds where magic and miracles happen.

Gregory the Shamanic CEO Combines Valuable Insights…

…and perspectives from shamanic practice with experience in growing businesses.

Helping people move beyond their fixed beliefs, to guide them to “take action” to produce real success – being the Shamanic CEO!

Using your own abilities,  genius and gifts. Never being afraid to be yourself in everything you do.

We Provide Awareness as well as Participation…

…in traditional ceremonies of transition such as weddings, birthing and death rites.

Their purpose is to enable you to connect to and grow in true shamanic wisdom. Helping you to adapt to the transition Mother Earth and all her people are experiencing. Create a new paradigm for your life and work.

Our Lifeguard, our unconscious mind, prefers that we stay within our existing comfort zone, the one we know.

It is your choice whether or not you do so.

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The Earth Spirit Journal is our Newsletter. It follows the lunar cycle and  provides you with interpretation of the Cosmic themes Spirit is creating for us all.

That way you will be aware of the influences that are unfolding rather than wondering about your re-actions to something unknown. On many occasions we receive thank you comments from our subscribers which say simply – “Now I understand!” 

You can also learn more about Gregory and his own journey by reading his profile page. In addition to learning why he is also known as the Shamanic CEO, you will discover some of the ways he is guided in Shamanic practices from the case studies featured in his Amazon #1 best-selling book: The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony.

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