Shamanics in Portugal & Your Soul

Shamanics in Portugal, Your Soul & The Earth Spirit Journal

Our purpose is to help you do more than overcome lack of clarity, fear, pain and dis-comfort, imbalance and lack of harmony in your life. Rather we will help you understand and align with the desires of your soul.

Yes, we will help you clear energy blocks and shadow from all parts of your Being, physical and light bodies.

We will also guide you to connect with your dream and create alignment with what your soul desires. So freeing you to enjoy rapid growth in all aspects of your life, both business and personal. This is what your soul is seeking and our purpose is to help you bring that harmony in your life.

To start creating this today, download a copy of Shamanics in Portugal´s free report  9 Points to Meeting your Highest Potential.

The Earth Spirit Journal is our bi-monthly Newsletter. It follows the lunar cycle and has the intention of providing you with interpretation of the themes the Creator working through the Cosmos is creating for us all.

That way you will be aware of the influences that are unfolding rather than wondering about your re-actions to something unknown. On many occasions we receive thank you comments from our subscribers which say simply – “Now I understand!” 

You can learn about Gregory by reading his  profile page and some of the ways he is guided in Shamanic practices from the case studies in his #1 best selling The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony. fb-sip3

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