Create Your Destiny

Hosted by Shamanics in Portugal and Creating Harmony 27 to 29th  October in Copenhagen

…To assist those who appreciate their lives will flow far more easily once there is alignment between their purpose and their daily actions, we have brought together into Create Your Destiny the ability for you to discover your purpose. More than that how you can Create your Destiny.

✩✩✩ Join us on a discovery of your purpose and destiny. This will inspire you with how your life could look once you are more deeply connected to your purpose.

We will complete exercises that empower you to know your purpose and to break through the obstacles to living it. Enabling you to create a “new normal” where you practice it every day. Then you will be able to move your purpose into your career and relationships, and lead with it in all aspects of your life.

✩✩✩ To empower you to create your destiny we will consider the “Purpose of the Cosmos” and the “Purpose of Humanity”. This will connect you to a broader identity and scope that includes and connects your life, health, family, career, country, species and planet.

✩✩✩ We will explore how we create a world that allows everyone to find, live and lead their own unique destiny. Also how living your life’s purpose accelerates everyone’s purposeful, peaceful, just, sustainable and abundant life.

✩✩✩ Whether it is love, health, freedom or wealth, all can created through your own actions.

You will join in guided meditations and journeys to discover and create your destiny.

✩✩✩ We will use the Mayan calendar to identify all the potentials and wisdom that your soul is seeking to acquire and develop during this lifetime. Known as the Nawal, in Mayan culture this was a very sacred and powerful revelation given by the shaman. It is your soul´s purpose.

This will require you to submit your date of birth when booking the event so your Mayan astrological birth chart can be sent to you before the event starts.

✩✩✩ We will conclude with an assessment of the progress made and what remains to be addressed and how to create continuing harmony in your life.

This is not only possible, it is how we were designed to live! No longer holding yourself back, instead learning how to ask, seek, knock, and act from our highest vision.

✩The workshop will start at 16.00 on Friday 27th October, ending around 19.30. Saturday and Sunday will start at 09.30 and finish at around 18.00 on the Saturday and 17.00 on the Sunday. There will be around an hour´s break for lunch on these two days.

✩ Refreshments are available during each day.

✩ Please bring a note pad so that you can record all insights, messages and understandings received during the event.

✩ Please wear comfortable clothes that allow movement

✩ Please bring with you any items such as crystals you wish to place on the altar.

✩✩✩ Private sessions will be available


Price: 2500,- DKK
Early bird until October 1st: 2300,- DKK

If you are already a coaching client of Gregory’s we have a special offer for you: Two participants for the price of one if you bring a new friend (who has not previously participated in one of Gregory’s workshops).

Please also consider the workshop on the following weekend, with Gregory, where he teaches energy healing work:


Contact Gregory via Shamanics in Portugal’s website contact form to ask about attending on 27 to 29 October at 17:00 in Copenhagen:

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