Fire Ceremony led by the travelling Shaman Horácio – 26th April 2017

Do you feel your life is restricted, no longer wish to be bound by these restrictions? Do you view relationships as limiting you? Do you discern any patterns in the limitation?

If you really desire to be free of such limitations and restrictions, this is for you.

It is a simple, though very deep and powerful method for a variety of intentions.

We will make a fire and bring different offerings to honour the Great Spirit, the Spirits of the Land and the ancestors, as well as individual offerings for those participating in the Fire Ceremony. We will work with personal intentions sticks that will be burned in the fire, with the purpose to end those aspects we no longer want in our life and manifesting what we do desire in our life.

Remember to be aware and conscious of what you wish for, because they will appear in your life sooner or later!

Please bring small amounts of any of the followings: grain, beans, dry fruit, nuts, medicinal plants, spices, incense, flowers.

The participation in the Fire Ceremony is free.

Meeting Point 08.45 by the Freguesia in Sameice (longtitude -7.7783755 latitude 40.4300673) or 9.15 am by the Little Dome at Bosque Verde.