After Friday the 13th – What is My New Direction?

Have you heard stories about Friday the 13th?

In numerology, 13 is the number of upheaval and progress, though it also carries the #4’s influence of dedication and hard work.

These are some of the messages of July´s new supermoon which rose on Friday the 13th together with a partial solar eclipse in the far southern regions of Mother Earth.

A new moon solar eclipse is about planting new seeds and re-energising you in some way. Laying a new foundation as we reach outward with vitality increasing as we move towards the full moon.

A solar eclipse resets areas of our life, priorities, situations and people depart – allowing new foundations to be made.

Eclipses create an energy that is intense and transformative. This one is in Cancer and with the new moon rising on 13th July is associated with the moon as there are 13 lunar cycles in a year as well as 13 weeks in a season. The number 13 is associated with the Divine Feminine. 

The feminine influence was initiated by June´s new moon, also on the 13th, so the energy of transformation balancing the feminine and masculine within us all continues. Intimacy, relationships, peace, intuition and insight, faith and trust are to the fore. All serving the purpose your soul came to achieve.

The synchronicity makes this eclipse even more powerful, more intense, no matter which time zone you are in.

During a supermoon the tides run higher. So you may find what you believe was forgotten and left behind – or what you have convinced yourself has already been dealt with—resurfaces in some form.

More intense than usual, the waters of this moon moving in the depths of your being will change you – forever. In particular, your future sense of home and family.

It is the moment to question old habits and behaviours as you search for new and innovative ways to make progress. It provides the ideal moment to make a fresh start – my suggestion is to write out your desires between now and the lunar eclipse of 27th July. Writing initiates the process of creation far more than thinking!

The annual new moon in Cancer turns our focus to emotional safety and expression, as well as home, family and tradition.

This effect is intensified by the eclipse being opposite Pluto. Our nearest and brightest planets, the sun and moon, passing the furthest planet, Pluto, on the horizon. Being retrograde Pluto is asking us to reflect about power and control in our life, in particular in our relationships.

It provides a moment for elimination as Pluto has the potency to bring change (even bizarre events/people) by searching ever deeper layers of our psyches. Enabling your soul to evolve so you may live a better, more satisfied life.

As part of this it will also inject us with new foreign elements, feelings, and ideas. It makes an ideal moment for deep, deep reflection on who we are, who we want to be and with whom, and the direction we intend to go.

Indicating perhaps some sort of crisis with your self-esteem, with a relationship or an event triggering a deeply buried unconscious fear of disaster.

The conjunction of the sun and moon mean all possibilities are on the table for eclipses are portals into the personal and collective shadow, giving you the unprecedented opportunity to break free from limitations, worry or doubt.

Whilst a new moon influence lasts for four weeks that of a solar eclipse usually lasts about six months. However with two solar eclipses in this series, the coming solar eclipse on 11th August will supersede this one.

Making this a prolonged window for accelerated personal growth – if we embrace the lessons.

The eclipse of the sun and moon also form with Jupiter and Neptune, the most fortunate sacred geometric aspect of a grand trine. This one combines all three of the Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, and is one of the most defining transits of the year.

It brings many blessings as in addition to being creative and loving it is very much about extending happiness beyond our current imagination, going beyond our existing horizon. Jupiter expands and Neptune reaches everywhere so this trine expands abundance through accessing our higher wisdom in a natural easy way.

There is also another grand trine composed of the planets Venus, Saturn, and Uranus. All are in Earth signs and will allow you to apply the energies of transformation to your love life, finances, or creative work. Saturn demands hard work and determination to take advantage of these cosmic energies and prevent them from bringing chaos and crisis into your life.

Together they will also enable us to connect at a soul level with the Creator and allow the Divine intelligence to flow through us all. Channelling in a way that is very pure because water cleanses and earth grounds – particularly as Venus in an earth sign means your dreams are fulfilled when you are diligent and create a secure space for your creativity to flow.

Each of us is being called to challenge ourselves to become more than we have ever been before. Real improvements are more than possible as this is the moment to lift our expectations of ourselves, our relationships, our governments, communities and humanity at large.

In other words, this is a big, potentially life-changing energy that is supporting you in clarifying and rewriting your life story.

Though to write a new story, you have to know the TRUE story of “Who You Really Are?” So many of us are currently living (or trying to live) stories that are not ours, stories we have been told would ensure our success, be loved or would ensure we fit neatly into a box that really does not align with our true inner being.

Pluto is in Capricorn, which rules responsibility and timing. Suggesting this is the moment to take action, particularly in relation to your career, your professional and personal life. Though ensure it aligns with your purpose rather than just following a trend because it seems commercially attractive.

No amount of investment in marketing, personal growth or systems will provide the return you are seeking if your beliefs are limiting you.

You can effect such deep change and I can help you – through my shamanic practice, working with energy and experience of working for KPMG – to leading technology companies, coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA. To arrange a complimentary 10 minute chat to discover if we can work together, email me by clicking on the Contact tab.

On same day, 10th July, Jupiter ended the retrograde motion it began in March, the shadow of Mercury´s retrograde began. The actual retrograde lasts from 26th July to 19th August, with the wind down period running until 2nd September. So make sure your back up etc. are working well as sudden mechanical, electrical and digital interruptions are going to be more likely. Do not forget any travel plans.

My sense is that this retrograde is seeking to create space for each of us to allow something to leave and something new to arrive.  This replacement benefiting each of us at our highest level.

This is not necessarily a massive change, often it could be very subtle and apparently small. All will not be resolved in one flash of insight. Yes, there will be an inkling, then it will be a matter of trusting yourself to take the next steps. This could be as simple as spending longer in Nature, enjoying the sunlight and connecting to Mother Earth.

For this phase of eclipses is about helping us to build the foundations of our life. The platform for which is created by the many small choices we make. It is only later we will realise how our life has shifted as a result of our new daily habits.

What progress will Friday the 13th have helped you initiate?

To You Directing Your Life


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