New Moon and Sacred Cacao Ceremony – 26th April 2017

The New Moon rises on the 26th April at 13.16. This is the ideal moment to set intentions for your new start or beginning.

It is believed the Spirits of Cacao have the power to reveal and unlock the secrets of the Soul, filling our hearts with Love, Light and Wisdom.

This event led by the travelling Shaman Horácio will give us the opportunity to access our energetic, emotional, mental and causal bodies, so bringing to the surface old memories and patterns from the subconscious. Helping us to understand ourselves from this level. In particular where and how chaotic energy is entering our system, how is it creating distraction from the inner self, as well as learning how to protect from different entities.

So freeing up energetic pathways, cleaning the physical and emotional body in a very loving way that is immediate and practical.

This journey within is a journey in remembering who we really are and why are here. This will enable each participant to plant the seeds ready to enjoy their harvest over the remainder of the new nine year cycle.

Our willingness is to look inside ourselves and the help of this Sacred Medicine is integrated into every cell of our being through meditation, music and dance and talking. Activating our sensory system and awakening our inner awareness.

There will be an altar where all participants are invited to make offerings with fruits, flowers, dry fruits and nuts. The fruits and flowers are your sharing to the group energy and therefore required, everything else is optional.

You can also place crystals (for charging), significant pictures or other ceremonial objects for the duration of the ceremony.

Please bring musical instruments to play.

The ceremony will be accompanied by music throughout and will be held in semi-darkness. As you feel in the moment, you can lay down, meditate, sing or dance.

We ask you to bring a Yoga or camping mat, a blanket or sleeping bag, comfortable (and warm) clothes, drinking water, handkerchiefs. If you feel that it will be difficult to keep your eyes closed, you should bring something to cover them. This not only excludes outside light, it also helps to immerse yourself in the experience.

Please choose NOT to eat for at least two hours before the Ceremony.

It is advisable not to eat or drink any animal products (meat, eggs, milk & dairy), coffee or alcohol for a minimum of 24 hours before the Ceremony.

During the Ceremony, we ask you to refrain from smoking in or outside of the sacred space which will be created.

Donation of €35 per person.