Your Vision Quest in Portugal


Vision Quest 20th to 23rd September 2019– Do you feel called to change any part of your life – or even its direction? Seeking to know and move closer to who you really are? Not living to your full potential? By meeting the challenge of the quest you are making a declaration of your intent to do so…

There will be preparation before and ceremony after two nights spent alone in your own sacred space completing your quest. Four nights in total — a profound and enlightening experience that can propel you towards achieving the most positive changes in your life — a unique opportunity and very special experience under the guidance of seasoned Shamanic practitioners in a beautiful, natural setting… Choose today to enter the last quarter of 2018 on a high (limited places, please do not hesitate and be disappointed!)…
NOTE: We also provide an Introduction to Shamanic Journeying –a half-day course– on the morning prior to commencement of the Vision Quest (anyone can attend but because of the nature of Vision Quest this is required preparation for ‘first-time Questers’… see full details below)

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In group work and in solitude, Vision Quest can be used as a means to step from where you are in your life, to where you want to be, to what you desire to change. To find answers you have found hard to discover in today´s busy world.

We gather at our Shamanic Earth Centre early Friday afternoon 20nd September 2019 to meet the other participants and for orientation. The last part of which will be taking a walk to view the rocks, river and woods, so starting the process of deciding where you wish to quest. There will be time to set up tents in the camping area before a communal evening meal, for those who have yet to decide to fast.

Guidance for Your Vision Quest

The first of the three days will be spent working in the communal sacred space, preparing you for your quest, the shamanic way. With the help of the drum, journeying to meet your guides and helpers for your Quest. In doing so beginning to move away from the mundane and ordinary and shift into the non-ordinary.

Information will be offered as to what you can do whilst out on your own in your sacred circle, how to make your space and tools to assist in your Quest (physical and non-physical!). Working with nature, spirit, your guides and yourself.

After your return on the third morning, we gather to break-fast and have a rest period. All then return to our ceremonial circle where we spend time sharing our Quests, investigating, reflecting and drawing them together. We end with a final ceremony before we gather for a celebratory meal on Monday 23th September.

You are welcome to stay another night or so to help integrate your Quest. Our experience is that internal reflection is enhanced by delaying the step back into the ordinary world.

Vision Quest can transform and be life changing. After completion of your Quest, you will be invited to join the private Facebook group so that you can continue to share your experiences.

IMPORTANT: YOU ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A PRE-EVENT QUESTIONNAIRE to be returned to Shamanics in Portugal before the event. It will be sent to you after booking and, on the acknowledgement of its receipt by us, you will receive confirmation of the dates of your Vision Quest.

NOTE: First Time Vision Questers — SAVE 39€!

There is a 50% discount if you book the half-day Introduction to Shamanic Journeying course when booking the Vision Quest at the same time. The half-day Introduction to Shamanic Journeying (morning of 20th September, just before the Vision Quest commences!) – normally €78 is just €39 for Vision Questers ONLY — using voucher!!