Ready for Change During the Day Out-of-Time?

The current eclipse cycle is creating change. To this is then added 25th July, an important turning point according to some of the ancient calendars.

This is because during one Earth revolution around the Sun, the Moon completes 13 revolutions around Mother Earth. In the Mayan Haab calendar its 13 lunar months of 28 days total 364 (13×28) days.

The 365th day or day out-of-time is reserved for celebration and opening of the cycle of the New Year.

The day out-of-time occurs annually on 25th July. It is a moment for change. A day of celebration for everything that has been accomplished during the year just completed, and a day of meditation to discover intentions for the year about to begin.

The 25th was also the day of the New Year in Ancient Egypt. Because this is the only day in the 365 day cycle when Sirius, recognised as the centre of the Egyptians Masters, rises five minutes before the Sun and thus aligns with the Sun from an Earthly point of view.

Only on 25th July are Sirius, the Sun and the Earth aligned in a single axis.

This year the day out-of-time comes just before the mid-point of the current phase of eclipses, the full moon lunar eclipse on 27th July. My suggestion is to ensure you have written down your intentions for the coming year BEFORE it rises.

For the combination of the Leo full moon with the eclipse is likely to create a heightened and emotionally fiery urge to break free from restriction and limitation, to change old patterns and behaviours.

Use the day out-of-time to explore your own relationship to restriction, limitations or dislike of authority. To change this by letting go of out-moded roles/labels, particularly with regard to the feminine aspect and its creative intelligence and ancient wisdom.

This eclipse is pushing us to step into and OWN our individual gifts/skills. To be SEEN as such. To follow the passion of our hearts and enjoy the ride that is life. To change the way we view our life.

There is no hiding from our Truth during this eclipse. It is the moment to allow ourselves to do more than shine our light – shine it without any shading or limitation!

This eclipse invites us to find the inner courage to do what needs to be done. If we are clear in our hearts and fully present with what is most important to us, we can pass through its temporary bumps or uncomfortable circumstances. These will help move us over the horizon to the next level of our awareness and opportunity.

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It is also the longest blood moon of the century – making sure it has a transformative effect for all!

To Making the Change


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