Shamanic events and retreats are designed to help you progress along the path of your own evolution. Answering the discovery of your need to learn new skills. To make changes in your life.

Enabling you to fully utilise the power available to you, answering the call of your heart and soul.

A Shamanic Event or Retreat Will Help You Heal Your Life

Our events are designed to spread shamanic knowledge, ceremonial process and ritual. Outlining shamanic techniques and tools which can create powerful transformation energetically, emotionally and physically.

The events recognise this needs to be experienced rather than just taught. Allowing the energy circle to inform the teachings, so making each circle unique.

Everyone I meet recognises transformation is underway. People are looking for ways to heal and transform. To remember who they are, to fall back in love with themselves and all aspects of their lives.

Through my own journey, I have found we have an innate ability to heal ourselves though need loving guidance, support and a safe space to do so. Through the Shamanic events and retreats I provide, you will be empowered to do the deep work of recovering self, stepping into your power and healing your life.

All that is needed is for you to choose change. Yes you may feel anxiety as to where it will lead, that though is the evolution your soul desires. This is your destiny.

Our retreats are designed to focus on what each individual desires to change and create in their life. My guidance is to ensure you achieve what your soul is seeking.

Teachings are Blended and Adapted to Suit the Individual

The purpose of each event and retreat is to encourage your inner authority and self-responsibility. Fostering spiritual development through shamanic practice.

Which at core requires each of us to listen deeply and apply our intuitive abilities and skills. Gaining insights as to the direction providing the greatest joy in our life.

Making known what was previously unknown as it was beyond the ordinary experience.

As Each Event and Retreat is Unique, so is Each Ceremony

Each event will provide you with different perspectives on how to integrate the spiritual insights and techniques of shamanic practice into your life. So  adding to your own abilities, gifts and skills.

Whether it is by yourself or in a group. Whether in an event or a retreat.

Details can be found on the respective:

Both include meals, vegetarian, as well as refreshments through each day. As our purpose is to connect and be in balance with Nature the locations are off-grid. We view ourselves as caretakers and so seek to ensure minimal impact from our presence.

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Shamanic Events and Retreats Terms and Conditions

Our events and retreats do not offer or replace a diagnosis, treatment or advice from or prescribed by a medical doctor, psychiatrist, financial or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.