Want to Transform Your Life For Free?

Want to Transform Your Life For Free?

As September begins Gregory wants you to know his next book launches on Amazon.

Transforming Your Life II is again in the personal development space. This one is co-authored with 21 others. Each writes about a moment in their lives where they overcame limitations to achieve what their souls desired.

Included in the authors are paralympians, professional bodybuilders, CEO’s of companies and a shaman – Gregory. The title of his chapter is “CEO to Shaman”.

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Your Greatest Potential Lies Where You Have Never Been

Your Greatest Potential Lies Where You Have Never Been

We are in one of those periods in history when we are being called to follow our greatest potential. Put simply it is change or die!

This week’s full moon in Aquarius helps us remember that new possibilities await us. It helps us see the way forward. However, we need to initiate them.

The energy of Aquarius reminds us that moving forward just might mean stepping into something that has not yet occurred to us. Those answers can only be discovered by stepping into the unknown, where you have never been before.

We are being encouraged to head in a direction which gives us joy. One which uses our unique abilities, gifts and skills – our genius to create something new.

In doing so we are being helped by Jupiter going direct on 11th August. It only passes through its own sign once every 12 years. Jupiter´s message is to make the most of the opportunity and support which will appear over the coming almost four months. The mists obscuring your way forward will be clearing.

Looking backward, to what we know, your experiences are not going to help you embrace and align with the new possibilities. Instead contemplate the future you want to create, the one where your greatest potential lies.

For we are in the age of awakening, the Aquarian age. Shifting humanity into a high vibrational acceptance of who we are, enhancing our confidence to take action, making it visible to ourselves.

Every two years Venus and Mars team up to initiate a new relationship cycle, they do this on the 24th. Whether it is a new life, new relationship, or a new creative project, today will set your creative juices flowing.

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Transform To Create Your New Life

Transform To Create Your New Life

We are in a period of profound change, though not one that will transform to create by itself.

Saturn is offering us two choices: rely on an external authority and hope it protects you, or develop your own internal authority and take care of yourself.

As was set out to me recently: “Beyond the initial moment of Creation there has never been or will be a Divine plan. One in which every step and stage is set out. How can there be expansion and evolution if every step is already planned?

As I have found, no longer can it be “business as usual”. Rather we must become aware of the limitations we have all placed on ourselves.

Whilst it may seem the tension is focused on personal relationships, the intention is to extend this to your business. To turn the moment into an opportunity to transform, involve and create.

2020 will be one of transform and create with its shifts and restructuring, though in an empowering way – especially when you consciously activate your own truth and desires.

All of our systems and structures from government to health care to financial systems and more will feel the effect.

Hence the need for inner peace when seeking to make a choice as to the direction of your life. That is how you take responsibility for your life and all that unfolds. Which is what this full moon is encouraging you to do.

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Now to Purge and Create Your New Way     

Now to Purge and Create Your New Way     

The dawn of the new way and freedom each of us is seeking is appearing. Its first rays came with the new moon in Libra on the 28th. In addition to suggesting fun and romance, it will force adjustments in other areas of your life. Hence feeling restless or bored, leading you to seek change and excitement in your social or love life.

The focus for October is to bring your attention to building a secure foundation for what is emerging. Attentiveness seems to pervade the world, attention to detail and step-by-step procedures for accomplishing what we desire.

The influence of Uranus means you to branch out and grow, using your intuition, your inner genius to make breakthroughs. Being open to approach life from a new way!

Put another way, we are all being pushed to leave our comfort zone. Instead being called to head where you can develop what you are being called to. To cultivate your mastery and freedom, unearthing the abilities and gifts you do not know you have!

Your unknown abilities and gifts are wanting to partner with your known skills. This is going to create uncertainly and doubts as you walk through the discomfort.

Our body does not use these energies uniformly, any more than it does oxygen. Which is why an important clue as to the nature of any conflict is whether it is on the right or left hand side of the body.
My experience is that often this conflict is felt as physical pain and dis-comfort.

The Libra moon will bring opportunities for you and your more close relationships, business or personal, to make some changes. The ones that are necessary in order for you to move forward in a new way. Yes, there will be a risk taking element.

Taking steps, will initiate the essential movement. This is not a moon for distractions and indecision!

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Be Connected, Now Take Action to Direct Your Life   

Trust to the timing of events and take action to implement your soul´s mission. This is the message from Saturn going direct on 18th September. You will now be able to make those important choices about your direction, your next project, your home life, your family.

Meaning have confidence in the action you take to create your personal growth.

Its purpose is to enable you to use the developments and opportunities which arise to build a secure foundation in your career. To do so will require you to trust your connection and the timing of events.
In astrology Saturn is the ruler of karma, suggesting soul wounds as well as soul contracts will surface for healing.

For Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign that governs the house of your divine mission, your career, your standing in the world, the reason you have incarnated.

The Pisces full moon a few days before the 18th marked the end of a cycle. Bridging the seen and unseen worlds, this Pisces moon asked us to go within to discover our own being. Guiding us to be connected, for when we are present we are able to see clearly our way forward.

This has been a recurring theme for many clients working with me over the past few months. For there has often been a challenge between what they think they should do and the direction that gives them the most joy. Their body presenting the message of conflict with physical pain and dis-comfort.

Reflecting on my work with clients this year, all have involved soul-level healing. Soul wounds from before their first incarnation to retrieving soul parts and fragments from traumatic events in other lives.
Enabling them to love and accept their authentic selves, and so accelerate their life and business.

My passion is to help you to take action to do so.

Support for you making a fresh start or a new project lasts until around 28th September. That does not mean completion by then, rather seeds planted. What you initiate in your life now and during these weeks will be memorable.

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Your Greatest Challenge Is Starting Something New  

Your Greatest Challenge Is Starting Something New  

To build a foundation for our long-term success we need to start something new. We can see from the world around us all the “old” things are being questioned. Habits, beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, careers, businesses, relationships…all aspects of our lives have been challenged since the beginning of 2019.

Now is the moment to choose what is important to each of us. Then to establish our own priorities. Rebalancing our ambition, choosing the direction to head in.

As a supermoon it is the closest the moon will be to Earth this year. It also shares tight aspects to Mars and Uranus. Urging innovative actions and inviting breakthroughs to take action in ways that may be innovative, unconventional or transformative.

This supermoon is also asking you to stop just talking about your grand plans and great ideas. This is the moment to actually ACT on them.

Nobody is going to do it for you.

The choice each of us faces is to continue to pollute all aspects of our environment by continuing to live in the way we do or change. To take responsibility for all aspects of our mind, body and spirit, or not. As each of us evolves so we shift the matrix of creation and so society.

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Speak Your Truth As Your Lion Has To Be Heard

Speak Your Truth As Your Lion Has To Be Heard

The new moon in Leo is inspiring you to have the courage to speak your truth as the lion has to be heard. To step onto the stage of life and create your destiny. To do so with confidence under its Royal sign.

This new moon is the first of a series of three new moon supermoons, two are in August. Each shining their bright light on our inner world.

Leo is inspiring you to embrace a courageous new way of being. The most fierce sign of the zodiac will shake up your life, especially if you are not being true to yourself.

It has no interest in the stories and beliefs you hold about yourself, your life and what is possible. Leo´s objective is to shine his spotlight on you and unearth that inner roar buried deep within.

The choice has been made to stop running away from something and instead head in a direction which gives us joy. We have yet to arrive at the point where a new structure provides firm ground to step on.

August is preparing us all for this year´s peak energy of September. When your creative success and your ability to communicate your presence will be at an all-time high.

In Numerology August is an 11 in order to make sure you take back your creative power. For often we become so embroiled in the creative process – a book, a new product, website, a project or relationship we forget the reason we started it. We are no longer connected to the spark which initiated it.

August is the moment to make sure what you are doing and the ways that you are doing it are in alignment with what you learned last year and your soul´s desires.

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