Profiles of the leaders who guide you on Shamanics in Portugal´s special events and retreats can be found on this page.

Each event and retreat provides opportunities for unprecedented self-growth. Each will help you take further steps on your journey.

Both events and retreats are offered in tranquil and natural surroundings at the heart of unspoilt rural Central Portugal.

We also conduct shamanic wedding ceremonies at a location of your choosing as well as other ceremonies such as birthing and death rites and energy clearings.

Your guide on this journey is the Shamanic CEO

Gregory Reece-Smith:

Soul Journey Event Team

Soul journey with shamanics in Portugal

The Soul Journey event took place 21st-25th September 2017. Below are the members of the team who led activities during the journey — Visit our events page to see what is coming up and for information about upcoming opportunities, activities, courses and experiences with Shamanics in Portugal and their friends and partners… And visit the Shamanic Shop to view publications and events running soon…


Hatha Yoga Class | Sould Journey with Shamanics in Portugal
Practising Hatha yoga since 1997. She started yoga to overcome debilitating periods of anxiety and depression and it became her daily practice. This led to her attending and completing Yoga Teacher Training in Nashik, India. She has also studied Ayurvedic massage in India, as well as Bodywork, increasing self awareness – the key to living in harmony.

Yoga Class- We will start every day with Fran’s Hatha Yoga class. Her style of teaching is wonderful for the beginner and experienced student. She leads the group with humour, sensitivity and experience and it is a good way to start your day with deep breathing and exercise for the whole body.


Walking meditation Workshop | Soul Journey Event
A down to earth, spiritual healer, guide, teacher and writer dedicated to helping you transform your life! A Crystal Therapist a Cymatherapist through sound, Quantum Magnetic Analyser and Reiki master.

Workshop – Walking meditation to discover your optimum life path: Discover how to find your optimum life path during this walking meditation. You will be guided to find your optimum life path by tuning into the energy of each path that currently lies before you. As you walk the new path that you have chosen you will be supported to energetically clear any blocks you discover on the way.


Victim to Creator Workshop | Soul Journey Event
Coming from mysticism of the Qabalistic and Tree of Life tradition using the tantric tools of energetic shamanic transformation for workshops and creating life as art.

Qabalistic Tree Of Life initiation at Las Piramids temple and Tantric ISTA training.

Workshop -Transforming from a Victim to a Creator: Through various exercises you will re-connect, rephrase and reprogram your relationship with your sexual self. This will include transforming any guilt or shame associated with the shadow of your perceptions. The participants will consider the yoni and the lingam as the gateway between chaos and life. Tasting some of the fruits from the Qabalistic Tree of Life.


Authenticity and Self-love | Soul Journey
My name is Melanie and I am always fascinated by spirituality and alternative life styles as answers to my questions about this experience called LIFE. I have come across many spiritual techniques and practices. Some of them have called me more than others and the area of feeling is what seams to be my duty.

Workshop -Authenticity and Selflove: Authenticity and Selflove is what helps us to do the inner journey and transformation work. It is the first step. We need to understand and acknowledge what really is, meaning being authentic with our feelings, in order to see and experience changes. Very often change is not happening because we are masters in denial and we have a hard time to understand, accept and love us as we are.

This workshop is designed to help the participants to understand that everything is good and there is nothing that needs to be denied or excluded. We will practice Self love through prayer, meditation and group exercises. And participants will receive helpful tools that one can use in daily life to develop and strengthen your own inner bond and self love commitment.


Ecstatic Dance | Soul Journey Event
A talented musician, dancer and free spirit within the realms of creativity. She has worked with Shamanic massage, drumming workshops and very experienced ecstatic dance instructor.

Ecstatic Dance- is an inner journey of movement and breath… we come in to the body, grounding and connecting to our soul energy, freeing our body, relaxing our mind and allowing ourselves to truly be who we are. Within the journey you may receive visions, release deep seated emotions, connect to spirit guides, or simply become a vortex for higher energy, grounding into Mother Earth, and bringing great healing. Your journey of movement is your freedom to express you inner self, and witness all that you are, free from the thoughts of the mind. No experience necessary, all welcome


Ebo Family Constellation Workshop facilitator | Soul Journey
Coming from mainstream working life studying at the Institute for Organizational Development in Leuve. His life took a new turn meeting with Martin Heidegger, who introduced Ebo to indigenous spiritual mysticism on which family constellation draws. Since then he has visited and experienced mysticism in both North and South America.

Workshop – Family constellation: Offering a workshop that will introduce family constellation and how to work with your ancestors. This workshop teaches you keys to tools, learned through role play, to help address issues in your life, the powers that influence your daily life and decisions, and the patterns in the family running through your ancestors.


An experienced massage therapist

Workshop Massage Ever wondered can I give a massage?

This massage workshop is great for complete beginners (singles or couples) wishing to use this with family or friends or those therapists who wish to brush up on their skills.The good news is you might get lucky and enjoy a massage.

Depending on time and numbers a full body massage may be possible.

Gregory Reece Smith

Event Creator and space holder for Ceremonies. Gregory will also be facilitating Workshops at the Soul Journey event.


Carolina at Shamanics in Portugal


Intuitive Vegan Cook for Shamanics in Portugal Soul Journey and other Events
Intuitive Cook


Shamanics in Portugal team
Event Site Manager


Team member Shamanics in Portugal
Space Perceiver for ceremonies