The Shaman at Work

The Shaman & His Drum

Gregory the Shaman is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organisations and with individuals. Also known as the Shamanic CEO, he applies shamanic and spiritual practices to help executives and entrepreneurs accelerate lives and so their their business.

The Insights of the Shaman

Bringing financial freedom where none existed before as well as guiding them to a new alignment with their selves and so in all aspects of their lives.

He does this by helping shift the energy of the beliefs limiting them and thus their world around them, including their business.

Gregory has worked in corporate and led technology companies worldwide; later mentoring fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA.

As well as coaching, he conducts workshops and retreats at various locations around the world, including his home in Portugal. The purpose to allow participants to gain experience of how to use shamanic practices to effect change, to connect to Spirit and their soul and bring greater clarity in their lives.

The Seven Secrets

Gregory´s first book the #1 best selling  The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony A Guide to Freeing YOU to Create YOUR Life was published in 2014 by Divine Time Books.  It sets out his own experience helping himself and others to achieve balance, harmony, and change their life.

To quote from Ted McGrath´s foreword to The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony: “Who better to learn from than a man who has faced the problems of an entrepreneur as well as the problems of global companies. This range of experience is truly the formula for success.

However, because of Gregory’s wisdom and life experience, YOU will experience a very different kind of success…. A success that comes from within. Success that doesn’t have the trappings of societal success but a success that comes from living in pure joy. Success that comes from being connected to your purpose and your journey within, not your journey to the top.”

The Seven Secrets contains case studies of how shamanic practices have changed client lives. There are also testimonials as well as some of the science with regard to how working with energy releases beliefs held in our different energy bodies – what shamans have known and practiced for millenia.

The core of its message being to recognise that bodily pain and dis-comfort is a message from our body indicating it wishes to release beliefs and values it is holding on to. These beliefs creating the way we view ourselves and our world around us – the source of the restrictions we place on ourselves and so all aspects of our lives.

Our soul desires freedom to grow and cannot do so whilst the limiting beliefs remain.

Gregory´s purpose is to assist everyone to achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives through the only person that is empowered to do so, themselves! For if there is clarity within, then so are we with Nature.

The Shaman Connection

His first introduction to shamanism in this life was reading books his eldest son had left lying around their home. This led to several journeys to retrieve soul parts and fragments.


More intimate involvement in shamanism beginning one day in early July when invited to join an informal ceremony at Avebury in Wiltshire, England. There standing next to one of the stones of the central circle he saw himself as the shaman leading a procession up the processional pathway toward the stone circle.

A few months later another friend said she had been guided to take Gregory to re-visit Avebury. Walking down the processional path away from Avebury the sky became heavy with dark, grey cloud. Following the path up the slope and then down toward Silbury Hill, the rain became more intense.

Arriving at the base of Silbury Hill and looking up towards its conical peak, Gregory remembered his last visit. He had been leading a ceremony on the Hill, when a participant had died. Swearing never to use his powers as a shaman again, he renounced his shamanic practice.

After completing a ceremony of forgiveness, release and gratitude, Gregory and his friend began to walk away from Silbury. Turning to say their last goodbyes to the Hill, a shaft of sunlight broke through the leaden sky, its beam passing straight over the peak of Silbury Hill.

The Mayan Connection

According to the Mayan tradition, your Nawal or date of birth carries a specific vibration of all the potentials and wisdom that your soul seeks to acquire and develop during your lifetime – your soul´s purpose. The Galactic Calendar indicates Gregory´s solar seal is BEN, the Red Sky Walker.

Laetitia Tisserand in her Mayan Signs And Their Interpretation states: “Ben is a messenger of the Sky….. Ben is the Sky Walker, the traveller of the Sky…… It is also the messenger of the other dimensions, bringing back to Earth the teachings received during its flight….


They have the connection with the Earth and they have the connection with Heavens. Their work is to create a bridge between these two realities. They are messengers of the Sky upon Earth.….. Because of their strong talent in their specific subject, they can enjoy playing the role of teacher and be very talented for it, sharing their passion with their students.  Once their heart and throat will be open enough they will be able to induce to others high states of consciousness…..

They are builders of staircases to Heavens on Earth……they become a channel for the universal consciousness of love and light to send its messages upon Earth. They become the channel for beautiful magic, grace and miracles to take place on Earth.“

The Shaman´s Drum

This picture of Gregory and Horaçio the travelling shaman was taken after completing the creation of Gregory´s drum on Serra da Estrela.

In addition to renewing his acquaintance with British shamanic practice, Gregory has also studied with Hawaiian and South American shamans. He is a Reiki Master, as well as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® and its related Creating Your Future® coaching as well as hypnosis and spiritual counselling.

Gregory works with individuals and groups, on his travels  often finding he is asked to help clear spaces of trapped energies.

Awareness of the Shaman

Gregory primarily works with those seeking to be more aware of and be who they really are. Then applying this consciousness in all aspects of their lives, business and personal. To Gregory this starts with self-awareness. Both as to your own feelings and what you observe around you. Being conscious is a “special quality of mind” that permits us to know both that we exist and that we are part of everything.

The mind is able to portray reality to itself merely by encoding sensory information, consciousness however implies subjectivity. Once we are self-aware we have the ability to make a choice. This is the essence within each of us connected to the Creator that a shaman utilises to connect to the light body.

This is key because self-awareness – knowing who you really are – creates an opening to change your perception of yourself and, ultimately, the life you experience.

It allows you to take responsibility for your own actions.

Through taking self-responsibility we become consciously aware of the consequences of our thoughts, words, actions and deeds. Which lead us to being able to make choices aligning with our own values. We are therefore in command of the way we lead our lives, and the impact on those around us.

10 Fun Facts About Gregory

  1. His business career began when he joined KPMG in London – and yes it led him to believe business meant wearing a suit and tie!
  2. Coaching IKEA senior management confirmed he did not need a uniform – he could dress to be himself.
  3. Knowing the true Gregory has been a challenge. Which is probably why he believes each of us is responsible for the life we lead, no-one else. There are no excuses, only choices made.
  4. One of the defining choices we all have to make is to live our passion or follow the beliefs we have accepted for ourselves. Gregory´s moment came when he was the CEO of an expanding public company – the mark of success he thought would attract the love of his father. The epiphany was brought on by such intense back pain he could hardly walk.
  5. It was seeking to understand the messages of bodily pain and dis-comfort and our beliefs and emotions which led Gregory to write The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony.
  6. In addition to its case studies of how working with him has enabled clients to enjoy freedom and flexibility in their lives, it details scientific support for the shamanic and spiritual practices he uses to free the physical and light bodies from emotions and beliefs that no longer serve them.
  7. Gregory´s passion is to help people release these limiting beliefs so they can also enjoy living to their full potential. Especially as this transforms their business, family and personal life.
  8. Helping them to create a life beyond what they had previously thought possible. Connecting their gifts and abilities to their Galactic chart and so align with their soul´s desire for freedom to grow. This is what brings Gregory joy.
  9. The clarity of which only became apparent when he read Ted McGrath´s foreword to The Seven Secrets. For the outsider often sees what we cannot from the inside.To quote “The one thing you need in life is perspective and awareness of the right path for you. I can assure you that Gregory’s principles and life experience will pass on the wisdom and knowledge you need to uncover your true path. Ultimately, it is the path of Joy, which Gregory has found.”
  10. Since 2010 Gregory and his wife have lived in Central Portugal, as do now his two sons! Between helping clients move beyond burn outs, pain and dis-comfort and mental fog, his fun is gardening. Growing the fruit and vegetables visitors to retreats and workshops so enjoy, providing further healing energy to help revitalise all. For more information about its medicine wheel, stone circle, chakra ponds and its labyrinth, visit:

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.
~Carl Jung~