A shaman is someone who has been appointed and initiated by Spirit and Nature to look after the needs of his or her community.

They effectively act as an intermediary between the seen and unseen worlds. Obtaining information and healing for people from the spirit world and bringing it into the physical.

Their purpose is to maintain balance between all beings that inhabit Mother Earth and Father Sky, which includes within each of us. This is the starting point.

Where there is a lack of balance, inner conflicts are created. These prevent individuals from bringing their actions into alignment with their soul´s desires.

Which is why so many entrepreneurs and executives never take the action to accelerate the evolution of their lives, including their businesses. For the business reflects their inner limited world.

You can discover more about shamanism and why you have been drawn here by visiting Shamanism.

The Shaman Brings Spirit And….

The addition of Gregory´s expertise in accelerating businesses when combined with synchronising your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies is an unstoppable combination. 

To this is then added his perspective as a shaman to obtain insights from the unseen world. Hence why he is also known as the Shamanic CEO.

To do so often means it has been necessary for the shaman to experience many trials in life in order to become strong and humble enough to carry out this role.

Shamanics in Portugal offers the diverse nature of Central Portugal to all seeking to strengthen their connection with Nature, and therefore create balance within themselves.

Why Portugal?

Its Celtic traditions go back before Roman times, though there is debate as to when it became known as Lusitania. It is the home of the tallest standing stones in Europe at Evora. The Celtic influence is still strong with many of the annual festas being linked to events from the Celtic calendar. For example on 1st May to celebrate the arrival of summer, sprigs of yellow broom are often to be seen fixed to car bonnets and some also on the doorways of houses.

These are symbols to attract prosperity for the coming year – 30th April is the date of the Celtic festival of Beltane. In Celtic tradition, the two greatest festivals of the solar year are Beltane and Samhain (31st October), celebrations of rebirth and death, respectively.

Central Portugal still has many dolmens, burial stones and other artefacts from the Celtic period as well as their conquering Romans. In addition to Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in Portugal, there are many other places of interest here in the Beira Alta of Central Portugal, including the charismatic forest of Mata Nacional do Bussaco containing about 700 exotic and local tree species.

The Connection to Spirit

All of which creates the opportunity to re-connect with the shamanic traditions of the area. Be it stones, rivers or trees and other plant life, this part of Portugal has an abundance to offer.

This image of Gregory drumming at a full moon ceremony was taken on a very chilly evening in July in Nature near the summit of the Serra da Estrela (Mountain of the Star).

The shamanic practices offered allow all who attend to tap into the power of Mother Earth as we all seek the simple truths of Nature. Allowing each of us to use these to help create harmony in our lives, in so doing we help to bring about the same between ourselves and Mother Earth.

In this way we bring health to the entire community of Earth, all its people, plants, animals, all of life.

Shamanics in Portugal was not envisaged when Gregory was guided along his own path to Portugal. It was only once he had arrived and understood the full nature of what he and his broad family had connected to that the idea of offering to others their discovery appeared. From this emerged the vision which is Shamanics in Portugal.

The first act of awe, when a person was
struck with the beauty or wonder of Nature,
was the first spiritual experience.
~Henryk Skolimowski~

Shamanics in Portugal: Our Mission

Our various One Spirit events and retreats strive to connect ancient traditions and way of life to the modern world. What we offer through each is a lasting new perspective on the world and self.

Whether through coaching, retreats, webinars, training programmes, ceremonies or the Earth Spirit Journal, all our One Spirit work brings ways to connect and foster personal growth at a pace that is right for you. We provide information as well as participation in traditional ceremonies, including marriages, to enable you to immerse yourself in true shamanic wisdom.

To support you we offer various audios and written materials. One of the most powerful and simple shamanic processes being Ho´o Pono Pono. You can download and follow my voice as it guides you through the sentences of “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

Other audios include: guiding you to meet another version of you, releasing limiting beliefs, the flow of abundance and a journey of discovery can be found in our Shamanic Shop.

Helping you to learn to live in the present and embrace all of life. Bringing with it long lasting healing and strength. Feeling the power of a great supportive community and embracing the ever-growing circle of humanity.

Connect to Spirit

Link yourself to the simplicity and beauty of shamanic practices to recognise that to achieve balance and harmony in the community of Earth, then first each of us must do so within ourselves.

Without that impediments, barriers and seemingly insurmountable hurdles will stand in your way – in all aspects of your life, personal, career or business.  They are energy which can be changed using shamanic practices. No matter whether they were created in this life, other lives, are ancestral or karmic – or how large or small is the knot.

Accelerate Your LifeIf you are seeking to make such a change then to gain from Gregory´s shamanic practice and experience of working for KPMG to leading technology companies, coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA, schedule a complimentary  Accelerate Your Life Session

To assist you Gregory can provide you with a summary of your soul´s purpose using the Mayan Galactic calendar. Based on your own personal galactic signature, the unfolding changes underway make this report essential.

The Mayan Calendar, Spirit and Your Soul

The report is your chance to understand the transition underway and probably more. Part of the pdf report details what the Mayan calendar indicates is your soul´s purpose. It can then be used throughout your life to ensure there is always alignment between your mind, body, spirit.

Though invaluable, the report has a value of €50.  You can obtain a copy without booking a personal Accelerate Your Life Session with Gregory, remembering to include your date of birth in your email.

Each report details the energies and focus of Your:

=> Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

=> Higher Self and Guide.

=> Unconscious Self and Hidden Helper.

=> Challenge and Gift. With maturity and awareness this challenge will turn into a Focus. This is what you desire to learn in this lifetime.

=> Compliment – something that comes naturally to you.

All Gregory needs is your date of birth when you make the booking.

View Nature in a Whole New Light

Be able to not just be in Nature, rather to connect with Nature in a way that will allow you to be more aware and conscious of life, awakening a deeper sense of presence and reverence for the natural world — including plants, animals and Mother Earth herself.

Walk paths and experience ceremonies that have existed as long as Man, helping you to reclaim your role as a co-creator with the Earth, the elements and the spirit world.

Shamanic Wisdom from Spirit

Gain the ancient wisdom teachings that have been passed on through our lineage to help support you in clarifying your vision, release past traumas, create sacred communities of trust and establish relationships based on trust rather than limiting beliefs and perceptions.

Instead live your life to the full potential your soul and Spirit desires. They are waiting, ready to help you. All you need to do is reach out.

Since nothing is so secret or hidden that it cannot
be revealed, everything depends on the discovery
of those things which manifest the hidden… He
who wishes to explore Nature must
tread her books with his feet.


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