Shamanic Ceremonies and Services help those who Know they are in Transition, though Unsure there is a Direction.

Those who choose to change aspects of their Life and want guidance to know their soul’s deepest purpose and effortlessly live their destiny.

Shaman´s know  where there is a lack of balance, inner conflicts are created. The physical body then sending its message through pain and dis-comfort. These often prevent individuals from bringing their actions into alignment with their soul´s desires.

Want to make a Change, though do Not Know How?

This is your chance to know more than what you need to change, rather how to make an easy transformation.

Ready to take advantage of a very special and unique opportunity? One that may change your life forever.

Are you Really Ready to Make the Change?

Or prefer to stay in the existing comfort zone?

This is the question I ask all who ask to work with me. Many walk away as they prefer to remain the victim rather than accept each of us is the only one responsible for our life. 

Interested in our Shamanic Ceremonies and Services and yet unwilling to make the choice to…

… Allow the Transition they will Create, please STOP READING this site NOW!

Continuing to do so will only increase your pain and dis-comfort and I do not want that.

Once you have made your choice to follow your soul´s calling please continue reading.

Did you Feel your Choice being made or did you just Think it?

Once you Felt it, are you then prepared to:

  • Uncover those hidden limitations that may be sabotaging Your success, abundance and happiness and those around You.
  • Eliminate the root cause of the beliefs creating Your issues, challenges and limitations.
  • Release the repeating patterns that have directed Your life and those of your family, Your business, Your career. Breaking the influence once and for all.
  • Create a crystal clear vision for Your life of harmony, stepping through the mental fog.
  • Feel energised, living Your passion, living to Your full potential?
  • Know and use your unique abilities, gifts and skills to achieve your soul´s deepest purpose and effortlessly live your destiny?

Then Explore how our Shamanic Ceremonies and Services will ensure you Achieve These and More


Ceremony is a Way of Taking Things Out of the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

It is our way of moving aspects of our life beyond the place of the mind into the hands of Spirit. Opening a place between the visible and the invisible worlds where magic and miracles happen. Through Ceremony and Rites the shaman transforms our world.

Ceremonies Are Our Means of Marking a Transition Point in Our Life

A shaman is someone who has been appointed and initiated by Spirit and Nature to look after the needs of his or her community. As such they officiate over the various points of transition in our life.

Shamans by nature are ceremonialists as they understand how the act of performing such a ritual has a powerful influence on the deepest levels of our being.  It is similar to the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Indeed, it can be said that a ceremony is worth a thousand hours of psychological or physical work.

Our World Has a Close and Meaningful Involvement With Ceremony

School graduations, marriages, breaking ground, ribbon cuttings, awards, blessings, and initiations of various kinds, indicate how ceremony is highly valued across all cultures.

From births to death, from rites of passage to weddings, Gregory is available to perform Fire Ceremonies, your Wedding Ceremony, Rites of Passage, Birth and Death Rites.

The purpose of each is to guide your transition. To help you leave one state and to accept your life into a new form.

Each Ceremony and Ritual Has a Beginning, a Middle and an End

It gives us creative power to follow our intuition and to open our vision. To be in alignment with our communities, the Earth and ourselves.

The Ceremony that Suits You

Gregory´s purpose is to create the ceremony or ritual especially for those it is intended. Reflecting their own individual personalities, culture and interests, bringing in elements that are important to them, such as music, poetry, readings, the natural world.

The principal ones include:

To discover more click on the ceremony which meets your needs.

Gregory Has Employed His Shamanic Gifts in All of These and More

On each occasion the participants have noted the intensity and depth of the experience.

Yes, there are other tools you may have heard about, such as shamanic journeying. There is also soul part and fragment retrieval.

Shamans use these to access information in the unseen world to effect personal transformation. To create shamanic healing through addressing imbalances between body, mind and spirit.

The purpose being to create an alignment between the freedom and flexibility your soul seeks and your personal belief, which limits what you can be, enjoy and create in this life.


To begin to make the change, link yourself to the simplicity and beauty of shamanic practices. This will help you take the next step to achieving balance and harmony in your life and the community of Earth.

Though first each of us must do so within ourselves.

Connect to Spirit

Without that impediments, barriers and seemingly insurmountable hurdles will stand in your way – in all aspects of your life, personal, career or business.

They are Energy Which Can be Changed Using Shamanic Practices

No matter whether they were created in this life, other lives, are ancestral or karmic – or how large or small is the knot.

If you are seeking to make such a change then to gain from Gregory´s shamanic practice and experience of working for KPMG to leading technology companies, coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA, schedule a complimentary Accelerate Your Life Session with Gregory.

Discover Yourself

It will assist you to identify your vision and the limiting beliefs and obstacles in Your life – so enabling you to lead the life you desire, living it with greater abundance, clarity, harmony, peace and love in all aspects.

Which One For You?

Or, should you wish to move immediately beyond the beliefs limiting your ability to create your vision for your life of harmony, living to your full potential and so your business, explore which of our programmes meets your needs.  

These include soul part and fragment retrieval as well as intensive VIP days or a Transform and Create retreat at Gregory´s home in Central Portugal.

The principal services are:

To discover more click on the service which meets your needs.

All our coaching and mentoring is a deep and personal process. Whatever serves you, we guarantee you will look, feel and be different by the end of it. The pace of your transformation only you can determine.

Shamanic Support

To support you we also offer various audios and written materials. One of the most powerful and simple shamanic processes being Ho´o Pono Pono. You can download and follow Gregory´s voice as it guides you through the sentences of “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

Other audios include: guiding you to meet another version of you, releasing limiting beliefs, the flow of abundance and a journey of discovery. These and more can be found in our Shamanic Shop.

Breakthrough Coaching

Wanting to start and/or accelerate your own coaching business, then I have created the Breakthrough Coaching Guide. This on-line programme has an Introduction and five modules. Including audios, videos and workbooks to address limiting beliefs and research your ideal client and their needs.

Go to Breakthrough Coaching Guide to learn more about how this programme will guide you to accelerate your business. It will also teach you some techniques you can use to help others breakthrough their limiting beliefs.


Shamanic Coaching and Services Terms and Conditions

Our coaching and services do not offer or replace a diagnosis, treatment or advice from or prescribed by a medical doctor, psychiatrist, financial or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.

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