ClearClearing energying stuck energies is a key part of shamanic ceremony.

For our human experiences often leave unwanted energies or un-departed spirits connected to Mother Earth. These dense energies can adversely affect your life, your family and those who share the space.

Often these dense energies cause arguments and rifts between people. They may also create spaces where plants will not grow or not with any vigour.

They can also derail your plans and obstruct your dreams from coming to fruition. Yet often you will not consciously know why!

Clearing The Energy

Some places I have visited have had a sense of foreboding about them, others simply a denseness. In my travels around the world I have released the energy of Native American burial sites, traumas in Hong Kong, Moscow and Warsaw, battlefields in Japan and North America.

The same has also been completed in buildings and their grounds. Some old and others not so old. And yes, dense energy can also attach to people as well as places.

Not all energies though are malevolent or dense.

Many have simply become stuck because they have forgotten their way back to Spirit and become stuck between the worlds. Others made a choice to stay at their moment of death, choosing to wait for an outcome or to assist a loved one.

The first soul I intervened to help had stayed because she wished to “see” her daughter grow up after her death in child birth.

Others have wanted to stay because they enjoyed the life and did not want to leave it.

I perform ceremonies clearing the energy and help the soul complete its journey back to Spirit.

Also creating a new light, refined energy, such as normally associated with Nature, to help you thrive.

Returning it from the dense, heavy energy, which is normally created by human negative thoughts and/or actions.

It is very important to remember that everything in our world is a reflection of us, of our inner being, hence the ancient axiom, “As above, so below, as within, so without.”

Our homes, our places of work all influence us energetically, physically, psychically and emotionally.

The Eastern philosophy of Feng Shui focuses on how the relationship between a person and their environment influences their well-being. Their health, happiness, success, and personal relationships to cite just a few.

ClearingClearing Buildings, Land and People

Clearings can be carried out remotely or at the location.

The process after you contact us about completing such a clearing is:

  • Our initial meeting (usually over Skype or Zoom) is to discuss your wishes for the clearing. The purpose is for us to meet and come to know each other and find out what is the nature of the clearing you need.
  • I will check and confirm the nature of the clearing required and ask your permission to proceed.
  • The clearing will then be completed and I will contact you to confirm this and ask for feedback.

The nature of my involvement in the clearing determines my charge.

To request a clearing email me to begin our discussion.