Birthing RiteA Birthing Rite marks the arrival of a child. Its birth is a transition point, both for parents and the child itself. Many desire to recognise this and welcome each other. Often reluctant to do so in a ceremony they do not believe in. Most therefore choose to do nothing!

Beliefs and rituals surrounding this important rite of passage vary from culture to culture. In Spanish, the phrase “dar a la luz” to give birth, literally means ‘to give to the light’.

The Hopi tradition in North America holds a baby’s true parents were Mother Earth and the corn plant (as father) with their human parents acting as surrogates who help to usher in the new life.

Leading Your Own Ceremony for Your Baby

To me this is an opportunity to re-affirm the love which has brought the new born into their lives. Through a process of reflection on their core values and spiritual beliefs to mark this by a ceremony.

My purpose is to empower the parents to create and lead their own ceremony for their baby. Offering a range of ideas to create rituals for the new baby and provide ideas about structuring the ceremony.

This might include naming the new born during the ceremony. The parents announcing the name, its significance to them, and any blessings they feel relevant.

Many women describe a sense of expansive oneness—with other women, with the  Earth, with the cycles and rhythms of life as they navigate child birth. People who are called to shamans, usually do so after events involving challenge and stress. The shaman must navigate these hurdles and confront fears.

Which is what a woman in labour has done, often with the support of her partner. A Birthing Rite celebrates these moments of transition. Both now face the responsibility of caring for the child.

Creating Your Birthing Rite

Birthing RiteThe process after you contact us about a Birthing Rite is:

  • Our initial meeting (usually over Skype or Zoom) is to discuss your wishes for your ceremony. The purpose is for us to meet and come to know each other and find out what is important to you. We will discuss possibilities and what needs to be included in the ceremony.
  • I will then channel the wording for your ceremony.
  • Our second meeting will be to review and finalise the form and words for the ceremony and involvement of other participants.
  • We agree the final style of the ceremony and ensure all involved understand their roles.
  • Enjoy the ceremony and feedback to me any lasting memories you have.


The ritual of the Birthingway is a ceremony for a pregnant woman just prior to the due date of birth. The ritual is designed to empower people before they stood on the threshold between life and death to bring another life into this world.

It is a rite to empower the mother-to-be to surrender to the mysteries of labour and birth and to give them strength for the ordeal.  It is a very positive ritual affirming the pregnant woman will have a beautiful birth experience. 

The process is as above.

The charge for a Birthing Rite is €150.

Email me to begin our discussion on the Birthing Rite for your baby.