Shamanic coaching helps you to move forward to achieve your soul´s desires. Creating an alignment which did not exist before because of old patterns of behaviour and belief. Releasing the ability to achieve those desires that appeared previously unreachable.

My purpose is to combine the depth of shamanic practices and the benefits of coaching to bring more love, wisdom and clarity into all aspects of your life. Guiding the creation of a new paradigm in terms of life and work.

Helping you to formulate your desires and create a plan on how to achieve them in a realistic timeframe. Maintaining the motivation to succeed, continuing to break down any barriers and limitations which surface.

Integrating Your Whole Being to Create a New Paradigm for Work

Providing a helping hand through each step until the desired outcome and beyond is reached – fulfilling your destiny.

Guiding you to create sound strategies which meet the unpredictability of emergence. Ensuring there is enough direction, focus and structure to accelerate you toward your objectives. Blended with the creativity and flexibility to adapt to the ongoing changes and innovations within and without your organisation.

Facilitating the creation of of a new work paradigm: integrating inspired creativity, meaning, values, culture and business for joyful and more creative, meaningful, sustainable, productive work and workplaces.

Combining business objectives with personal passion to maintain balance between all beings that inhabit Mother Earth and Spirit.

Synchronise Your Life

The objective is to enable you to synchronise all aspects of your life, including being free to accelerate your business, or career. Creating harmony by shifting the beliefs that currently limit it.

Helping to clear energy blocks and shadow from all parts of your Being – including your physical, emotional, mental and light bodies. No matter whether created in this, other lives, is ancestral or karmic.

Guiding you to connect with Spirit and your dream, creating alignment with what your soul desires. Using insights to free you to accelerate all aspects of your life.

Conflict Within Creates Dis-harmony Without

Where inner conflicts exist between thoughts, words and deeds pain and dis-comfort will often appear. As will the feeling “nothing works for me!” This lack of balance prevents you from bringing your actions into alignment with your soul´s desires. Your dreams, your destiny.

Which is why so many entrepreneurs and executives never accelerate the evolution of their lives, including their businesses. For the business reflects their inner conflicts and so limited world.

Until action is taken, impediments, barriers and seemingly insurmountable hurdles will stand in your way – in all aspects of your life, personal, career or business. Energy does not distinguish between the different aspects of our life.

Address the Conflicts and So Your Life Changes

As energy it can be changed using shamanic practices. No matter whether the beliefs were created in this life, other lives, are ancestral or karmic – or how large or small is their knot.

Accept Yourself

Accelerate Your Life Session

If you are seeking to make such a change then to gain from my shamanic practice and experience of working for KPMG to leading technology companies, coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA, schedule a complimentary Accelerate Your Life Session.

The outcome may be to join one of the programmes helping you to achieve your soul´s desires. Whether owning a successful business, having financial freedom, harmonious relationships, being free of energy blocks, creating an impact. All and more are possible.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

My experience is that limitations other than those we have accepted in this life are often controlling our lives. It is for this reason I include shamanic healing in my coaching.

Many causes can be creating blocks and stagnation in your business and personal life. For example this could be damage to your energy field, issues with an ancestor or a trapped or unhappy spirit, another life, power loss, soul loss, energy loss, dense energy where you are living, energy blockages or lack of connection to the Earth to name a few!

As the Shamanic CEO my Job is to Become Aware of the Very Root of the Issue and Clear it Completely

This includes soul retrieval, healing, or return. This is a process in which lost soul fragments are healed and returned to re-join the incarnated soul. Once integrated they enable the person to move forward in life and create the life their soul desires. Hence why it has been asking to return, to be whole!

About one-third of clients I first meet have a limitation about their income and the wealth they can create.  Around 40% are afraid of being visible.

Many have handed over their power to pursue their life to others. Often because of a mistaken belief that is what is required to attract love.

These beliefs were created in their early years before the age of seven or in another life. They can be altered and removed, no matter where or when they were created. Most are also not true, they are beliefs not truth.

However, very often, we do not embrace new possibilities for a very simple reason.

Our Lifeguard, our unconscious mind prefers we stay within our existing comfort zone, the one we know. The one where it believes we are safe.

Making Magic Happen

It is your choice whether or not you make magic happen.

Your Shamanic Coaching

The process after you choose to contact me for a complimentary Accelerate Your Life Session is:

  • At our initial meeting (usually over Skype or Zoom) we assess whether we can work together. Also creating a crystal clear vision for you and uncovering your hidden challenges.
  • I will confirm any shamanic healing we have identified and set out a programme to achieve your vision as well as clear the challenges.
  • We then begin the coaching as well as any shamanic healing. Usually completed over Skype or Zoom, though could also be on site at our home in Portugal.    

My Shamanic Coaching programmes range from eight weekly 20 minute Secure Your Inner Power accelerator sessions with minimal shamanic healing to six month or annual ones with inclusion of any shamanic healing required.

Separate sessions can be booked for shamanic journey work to complete soul retrieval, healing, or return of soul fragments as well as addressing issues in your ancestral lineage.

To begin your transformation I invite you to schedule a complimentary Accelerate Your Life Session with me. Or, email me to explore possibilities.

Shamanic Coaching Terms and Conditions

Our coaching does not offer or replace a diagnosis, treatment or advice from or prescribed by a medical doctor, psychiatrist, financial or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.