A Death Rite marks the passage of a being leaving this physical plane. It is the ultimate journey of liberation. We want to complete our unfinished business and be prepared to return to Spirit.

Rituals help to heal the pain of letting go while
at the same time connecting us with something
much greater than earthly concerns.

~ Alberto Villoldo ~

We want to take the steps to journey home as cleanly as possible.

Shortly before physical death the soul leaves the body. This is the moment when the doorway between the worlds opens. Shamans believe 40 hours after the last breath this portal closes.

After which the soul has to travel through all the planes where those who have not passed on consciously go to purge.

My experience is that it can take about seven days for the soul to re-integrate into the Spirit world. About three months after physical death the soul loses its sense of direction for its return to Spirit. It then becomes stuck between the worlds, until an intervention helps it complete its journey.

The Return Journey

The Return Journey is a service designed for all involved in the process of passing on. The individual, family members, friends, pets, support groups etc.. It creates a ceremony of celebration, bringing dignity, peace and closure for all involved.

This rite is for those looking for a sacred, intentional, and conscious energetic separation from their physical body at death.

My experience is some struggle to retain their hold on life – hence the expression holding on for grim death. Whilst others look forward to their return.

As the soul prepares to leave the veils between worlds become thin. Often the person´s senses become keener. Sometimes he or she is waiting for a certain being to be present to acknowledge them. To say their goodbye or welcome!

To honour the dying person’s experiences and to assist them in letting go…

…what is known as a despacho can be prepared prior to their death.

The despacho is a prayer bundle that symbolically represents various parts of the dying person’s life. It can be created with the person about to die and their family/friends.

The transformation is then completed after death by burning the despacho in a fire ceremony. The intention being to honour and show reverence for the person’s life.

Whilst traditionally this is created with the dying person, it can also be completed with the family and friends alone if they have already died.

The language of the soul is poetry, music, stories and fairy tales, symbols and images. Therefore the ceremony will include any poems, songs or other favourite memories of the dying person. Drumming, a sacred altar created for memorabilia and for some dancing is also appropriate.

Death Rite

Creating The Death Rite

The process after you contact us about a Return Journey is:

  • Our initial meeting (usually over Skype or Zoom) is to discuss your wishes for the Return Journey. The purpose is for us to meet and come to know each other and find out what is important to you. In particular has the person died or is about to do so and any wishes they may have. We will discuss possibilities and what needs to be included in the rite and ceremony.
  • I will guide you as to the nature of what to include in the despacho as well as form of the rite and ceremony.
  • Our second meeting will be to review and finalise the despacho and finalise the rite and ceremony and involvement of other participants.
  • Establish and complete the fire ceremony and burning of the despacho.

The nature of my involvement in the Return Journey determines my charge.

To prepare for a Return Journey email me  to begin our discussion.