A retreat is where one or more people come together to temporarily leave behind the distractions of life. The purpose being to allow relaxation and for inner transformation to occur. Creating an opportunity for clarity and trust to guide you to resolution.

The shamanic retreats are held in the peace and tranquillity of our home in Central Portugal. It has an unique presence where visitors often stay for longer than planned due to its calm, peaceful energy of wellbeing.

You could become absorbed by the never ending changes of light on Portugal´s highest mountain, Serra da Estrela, as it turns blue, green, purple or simply hides in cloud.

Or, perhaps just sit listening to the tinkle of water at one of the seven chakra ponds.

What’s Included

  • Authentic Shamanic Wisdom

  • Nature immersion in the Beauty and Calm Tranquillity of our garden and the surrounding area, all under the gaze of Serra da Estrela
  • Connection to a Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel and Stone Circle to assist in accessing the insights you are seeking
  • Accommodation during the retreat

  • Delicious vegetarian meals plus refreshments prepared daily by Caroline in our kitchen – please let us know of any dietary preferences
  • Deep Connection to Self, Source, Mother Earth and the Circle of Life

  • Shuttle Service to/from Seia bus station or Nelas train station.

What’s Not Included

  • Airfare

  • A guarantee you will be the same person who arrived

  • Accommodation before/after the retreat.

Transform and Create Retreat

The focus of this retreat is to move you immediately beyond beliefs limiting your ability to create your vision for your life of harmony. Knowing your calling and so accelerating your life and your business by using your unique abilities, gifts and skills.

It is an intensive seven night retreat.

Including Four Consecutive Days Coaching

Each day has a pattern, including four days personal coaching focusing on your desired outcome. The other days are to allow space for the essential integration, reflection and support before you leave this oasis. As well as  what one visitor beautifully described as “kitchen coaching”!

Recognising you may wish your accountability partner, colleague or friend to also benefit, this intensive retreat is usually for two.

Our coaching is a deep and personal process. Commit to spending four consecutive coaching days with us, we guarantee you will look, feel and be different by the end of our Transform and Create Retreat.

As Arne from Roskilde, Denmark confirms:

“Experiencing a workshop with Gregory six months before made me leave home having a feeling that I am able to change my life, that Gregory with his skills would be able to teach and support me on my desire to shift. Visitíng Gregory and Caroline in Portugal, arriving there, feeling welcome, away from everything I knew, helped me to open up, the place is truly wonderful.

It was what I brought and wishing for that made it possible for Gregory to help me. Whilst the four sessions in four days were intense, the feelings I had from them were overwhelming beautiful.

I met myself, I am now able to see clearly my life, able to choose what is right for me, to be in my full potential.

Should I ever lose my way again I know where to go.”

Other Shamanic Retreats

The focus could be meditation, shamanic healing, visioning, yoga or any other means to assist in dis-engaging from the bustle of life. Rather enabling you to re-vitalise and gain clarity as to your direction.

With the absence of distractions. space will be created for the inner transformation to take place. My experience is this very focus will often enable new ideas and answers as to your direction to appear. To be in the flow of your inner calling.

It will require you to connect with your soul and its desires….

and, if requested, to complete some shamanic healing.

Each day is usually split into three two hour sections. The first starting at 10.00, vegetarian luncheon and refreshments are included. The actual pace and times may fluctuate depending on any shamanic healing requested. As well as the need for integration and reflection as the inner changes are initiated.

My Role as the Facilitator is to Ensure the Focus is Maintained and the Inner Change Completed

Transform the inner world and it has an impact on your external world. My involvement is to ensure all leave with a sense of harmony, committed to achieving the outcome. Limiting beliefs transformed and a new personal vision created.

Whilst the retreats have a specified number of days, the stay can be extended as others have done.

As the Shamanic CEO I Also Provide Insights

I will create sacred space to assist the flow of creation during the retreat.

Held in the peace and tranquillity of our home in Central Portugal, more details can be found on Quinta da Luz. In addition to providing an ideal location for calm and reflection, the pace allows integration to take place. Also creating the opportunity for those empowering ad hoc conversations filled with insights – what one visitor beautifully described as “kitchen coaching”!

Your Shamanic Retreat In Portugal

The process after you choose to contact me about a retreat is:

  • Arrange an initial meeting (usually over Skype or Zoom) to assess whether the retreat meets your needs. Then creating a crystal clear vision for your retreat and understanding the nature of your challenges, hidden and not so!
  • We will agree a structure to achieve your desired outcome as well as address any challenges. Confirming any possible shamanic healing we have identified.
  • Arrive at Quinta da Luz the night before so ensuring focus is on the coming retreat.
  • Confirm the focus and outcome for the retreat and then complete it.
  • The last evening, reflect on the inner changes made and agree an action plan to build on what has been achieved.
  • Spend that night at Quinta da Luz before leaving the next day. This is in order to provide space for reflection and defer focusing on travel plans!
  • Feedback over the coming week as to the benefit and actions underway.

Some of the Benefits Others have Gained….

….from our focused retreats are:

  • Immediate resolution of issues restricting their life
  • Regained momentum after being stuck for many years
  • Freed of physical pain and dis-comfort.
  • An immediate sense of peace, balance, harmony and wholeness
  • No longer judging themselves and so their relationships
  • Trust in themselves and their calling
  • Greater love for themselves, and so higher self-worth
  • Felt aligned rather than disjointed and fragmented
  • A fuller flow of vitality and energy through their body
  • Excited as to the uncertainty of their life
  • Greater sense of intuitive knowing.

The investment in your Transform and Create Retreat is €1975 for both participants.

The length of stay and numbers involved in other retreats determine the charge. All vegetarian meals, refreshments and accommodation are included.

Email me to discuss the nature of your retreat.

Shamanic Retreat Terms and Conditions

Our retreats and coaching do not offer or replace a diagnosis, treatment or advice from or prescribed by a medical doctor, psychiatrist, financial or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.