A Shamanics in Portugal VIP day engages with one or more people from the same family or organisation. Coming together to work full steam ahead on a focused project or outcome. Each day has a set pattern and the meeting generally lasts for one to three days.

My Role as the Facilitator is to Ensure the Focus is Maintained and At Least the Set Outcome Met.

The main benefit of such “days” is the absence of distractions and the creation of action plans. They offer you the ability to work uninterrupted and so accomplish much more as well as having space to dig deeper into issues and plans. My experience is this very focus will often enable new ideas to flow.

As the Shamanic CEO I also provide insights and, if requested, shamanic healing to individuals or the group.

I will create sacred space to assist the flow of creation during the meeting.

Whilst the focus is usually how to create or accelerate a business, it does not need to be. For example, the focus could be on establishing a community or resolve issues within one.

Whatever the nature of the project or desired outcome, it will require change.

My Involvement is to Ensure at Departure ALL Leave with a Sense of Harmony, Committed to Achieving the Outcome.

Which often requires any limiting beliefs to have been shifted.

Each seven hour day is usually split into three two hour sections. The first starting at 10.00, vegetarian luncheon and refreshments are included. The last hour is for wrapping up the conclusions and setting action plans.

Held in the peace and tranquillity of our home in Central Portugal, more details can be found on Quinta da Luz. In addition to providing an ideal location for calm and reflection, the pace allows integration to take place. It also creating the opportunity for those empowering ad hoc conversations filled with insights!

Your Shamanic VIP Day(s) In Portugal

The Process After you Choose to Contact me for a VIP Day is:

  • Arrange an initial meeting (usually over Skype or Zoom) to assess whether a VIP day meets your needs. Then creating a crystal clear vision for your day(s) and understanding the nature of your challenges, hidden and not so!
  • We will agree a structure to achieve your desired outcome as well as address any challenges. Confirming any possible shamanic healing we have identified.
  • Arrive at Quinta da Luz the night before so beginning to focus on the coming work.
  • Confirm the focus and outcome for the work together and then complete it.
  • In the last hour of the final day, reflect on what has been achieved and agree an action plan to build on what has been agreed.
  • Spend that night at Quinta da Luz before leaving the next day. This is in order to provide space for reflection and defer focusing on travel plans!
  • Feedback over the coming week as to the benefit and actions underway.

The length of stay and numbers involved in the VIP Day determines my charge. All vegetarian meals, refreshments and accommodation are included.

Email me to begin a discussion on your VIP Day.

Shamanic VIP Day Terms and Conditions

Our VIP Day(s) and coaching do not offer or replace a diagnosis, treatment or advice from or prescribed by a medical doctor, psychiatrist, financial or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.