Shamans have been officiating at a wedding ceremony for many thousands of years.  A wedding marks an important transition and agreement between two people.

Desire Your Wedding to Match the Vision You Have for Your Special Day?

We will create and lead the non-legal ceremony just for you.

One of the highest vibrations events we experience is that of a wedding.Calling the Bride to the Wedding Ceremony

A couple want to honour and celebrate their love for each other in front of their family and friends. Doing so in a place of their choosing rather than an institution.

They want their special day to be a celebration of what is important to them as a couple.

A Ceremony Created Especially for You

Reflecting your own individual personalities, culture and interests, bringing in elements that are important to you such as music, poetry, readings, the natural world.

With a Shamanic Wedding There is Freedom of Choice.

Wedding Ceremony AltarThe only requirements are to state your vows to each other and reply to the questions put in the ceremony itself.

Your vows to each other are really the heart of your wedding ceremony, the essential moment and truly, it is YOU who are declaring yourselves to be married.

My role is to facilitate the process, so that your wedding ceremony reflects your love and commitment, and bolsters you for the journey ahead.

Helping design with you the actual ceremony and vows as well as offer suggestions to energise it. Email me to begin the discussion about your wedding.  

To combine your shamanic wedding with a Civil wedding in Portugal, visit a friend´s WeddingPortugal site for details as to what is needed.

As Aranka from Holland said after her wedding Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony and playing such an important role in our wedding. We were very touched by your words and the positive vibes you and us together created.”

And Jessica from Italy said after hers: “thank you again Gregory for guiding our ceremony and making our day so special. It was much better than we ever imagined.” 

Creating Your Wedding Ceremony

The process after you contact us is:

  • Our initial meeting (usually over Skype or Zoom) is to discuss your wishes for your ceremony. The purpose is for us to meet and come to know each other and find out what is important to you. We will discuss possibilities and what needs to be included in the ceremony.
  • Our second meeting will be to review and finalise plans. To confirm the setting for the ceremony, its order and participants such as an inner circle.
  • I will then channel the wording for your ceremony.
  • We agree the final style of the ceremony and ensure all involved understand their roles.
  • My suggestion is you then work on your individual vows to each other – preferably earlier than the night before your wedding! If you wish I can comment on them.
  • Depending on the timing and guest numbers, prior to the ceremony we complete at the wedding location a rehearsal with everyone involved. On the day I will create sacred space and ensure the energies are aligned with the coming ceremony.
  • Then your beautiful ceremony is carried out and lasting memories are made. After the ceremony I will release sacred space.
  • And then? This is up to you. I can leave or enjoy the celebrations with you.

The First Witness to the Wedding Ceremony Speakss

The location you have chosen and involvement you have requested of me determines my charge. Email me to start creating your wedding ceremony.