Willing to Allow Magic Into Your Life?

Willing to Allow Magic Into Your Life?

February 2019 has, as in January the magic of the moon is again a major influence. if January seemed to flash by….February will go even faster!

It is the most advantageous new moon of 2019!

You are nearing the end of a five month long pivotal period in your life. The purpose is to enable you to embrace happiness, abundance, miracles and magic as your everyday existence.

There will also be a significantly increased impetus for each of us to make a fresh start, turn over a new page, or take action on a new project/venture. It is the moment to nurture the ground in which they will grow.

Intending to live an enjoyable, flexible life with financial freedom, change must come. Now is the moment to open to “dream the impossible dream”, and allow it to carry you forward to create the magic of the future you desire.

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