The Zero Point in Your Life is Now With You!

The Zero Point in Your Life is Now With You!

You are at the zero point in all aspects of your life, business and personal. The fifth and final of five consecutive full moons at 0° rose very early on 21st March.

In addition to the full moon in Libra being at zero degrees, the moon is reflecting the light of the Sun at zero degrees Aries.
When planets are stationed at zero degrees, this represents new beginnings, fresh starts… new streams of potential flowing. More though it is going to force a re-boot of every part of your life which is not in balance – so impacting every aspect of your life.

We will all experience two months of new beginnings.

It is from the zero point we can launch a brand new life, with values which fit what is emerging for you.

The purpose of what is unfolding is so over the next months you embark on a new life, starting completely fresh, feeling deeply invigorated.

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