The Direction of Your Life is About to be Changed

Prepare for a Change of Direction in Your Life     

We are halfway through the four week cycle of February´s new moon. Prepare for a change in direction of your life as we enjoy possibly the most advantageous full moon of 2019.

The Direction of This Full Moon Will….

Rising in the afternoon (UTC) of 19th February, it is the fourth of five consecutive full moons at 00° degrees. Usually a full moon marks a point of completion, each of these five is rather asking us to write a new chapter of our mission. As the closest supermoon of 2019 its energy is intensified. Marking a crossing point between states of being and shepherds you through your transformation – no matter how much you try to resist it! This full moon in Virgo heralds a marriage of the pragmatic with the mystical. The intention being for you to bring your attention to the work your soul is seeking to do. It will provide you with a better sense of how it wants to be created through you and how it wants you to partner with it. The last full moon at 00° degrees rises early on 21st March, just after the equinox the evening before. It will bring out concepts that are perhaps too mystical for most to grasp. The light of its illumination will shine while the intuitive sense is very sharp. It will have the vibration of the mystic, diplomat and peacemaker as well as being a very powerful moon for manifestation magic. Why am I looking ahead to March when February´s full moon in Virgo is only just rising?

Prepare to Steer Your Life in a New Way

Because February´s is encouraging you to discover how to steer your life in a way you have never done before. All aspects of your life are in a process of transformation – your values, location, relationship(s), direction of your business/career. It is illuminating all that needs to be refined, removed, or clarified in your life. On the same day, the wounded healer, Chiron stations at 0º of Aries, adding a surge of deep healing vibration as it begins its next 50 year cycle. Chiron will be working to help us say yes to a greater sense of who we are, collectively and individually. Helping us clarify our identity. It acts as a link between the unconscious and the conscious, between materiality and immateriality.

Is My Vision Serving My Soul or ….?

The purpose is for you to be free to live your life as your soul desires. The next four weeks are ones for you to move beyond your current limitations by beginning to turn your idea for a business into form, or take action to accelerate its growth. You will then have nurtured the soil ready for the manifestation magic of March. It will encourage you to take another step. The flow of financial freedom and security are magnified as you take pleasure in manifesting your creative projects. To do that you will have had to answer honestly the question of February´s Virgo full moon – what is my Vision and how will it serve my fullest potential and highest good? For Virgo governs health and healing of your body, mind and soul as well as discernment and attention to details. It will therefore be no surprise to learn Virgo rules your intestines – digestion, the flow of energy in your body. It also rules the 6th house in astrology which focuses on how you live daily life.  Encouraging us to question our habits by asking are they serving me? If not, then it is the moment to change them! It is these simple rituals that allow the greatest shifts to occur. This is one of those moments… Opposite the moon in Virgo lies the Sun in Pisces, a sign of mysticism, dreams, compassion, and accepting your soul´s bigger vision for your life. To do so you need to dream from your heart, not your vision board. When you feel a strong desire to pursue a certain direction, this comes from your soul and Spirit. This is what is in your heart, though almost certainly not what you think and your Lifeguard believes is safest!

Four Steps to Secure Your Vision

Here are four steps from my Secure Your Inner Power programme to guide you in manifesting your heart´s desire. Begin by breathing deeply and shift your focus from your mind to your heart. Then:
  • Imagine your heart´s desire. Use as many of your senses as you can so you feel every aspect of what you desire. If nothing comes then it may be not the best choice at the moment.
  • Feel it and enjoy it in the moment. Say what you want to feel in that moment, not what you do not want! Seek to be at the energy of unconditional love.
  • Take inspired action, align these with your vision. Know your biggest fears will appear, addressing them allows your soul to expand.
  • Consciously expect it, rather than what you might have experienced to date. Most people do not pay attention to this step, rather allowing the mind to remind them of what previously has not succeeded and so expect a repeat.
Do not allow yourself to be diverted to the “how to”. The shadow of Virgo is to be unable to see the “forest for the trees”, retaining a focus on the minutiae and the need to be perfect! This is NOT where your grander vision is to be found.

Initiating Your Path, or Not…..

The four weeks to the equinox are therefore ones to trust your passion and follow your deepest instincts to initiate daring new projects. An unknown set of seemingly separate aspects, ones that have confused, confounded, overwhelmed, scared or even depressed you will come together and make sense. Creating something outside the experience or expectation of your mind. When it appears is that when your Lifeguard, your unconscious mind continues to trap you in an uninspired reality of stagnation? In recent Discovery Sessions, the “reasons” stated for not taking action to initiate their vision started with “You know…..I’m not good enough. … I’m too old to change/start a business. … I’m too busy and don’t have the skills. … I will not be loved if I am successful/wealthy.” Whatever your inner critic whispers in your ear, I promise you, it pales in comparison to your inner power. Every last one of your aspirations, no matter how grand and seemingly out of reach, is attainable. My passion is to help you to take action to do so…. …need more support to change your story, identify how to use your gifts, accelerate your conscious business and alter the patterns you may feel stuck in? I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. Email me by clicking on the Contact tab to explore possibilities. This will include identifying any event, experience or memory that keeps you from loving and accepting your true self. Without it or limiting it we block our own success and never open to the flow of fulfilment and wealth we are being offered.

One Spirit Work

Our next event on 11th and 12th May is Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism. You will be introduced to the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides and power animals. There will also be the opportunity to connect to the energies of a medicine wheel, stone circle and a labyrinth as well as visit the Void. These as well as drumming, rattling and chanting are part of the event, as is a Fire Ceremony. After leaving us, third parties commented on the difference in the energy and expressions of participants. A full list of our events can be found on our Facebook page as well as web site. Many state their mission is to be of service, though very few step back and reflect on what that really means. This full moon offers us a moment to open to a deeper and also more practical understanding of what it means to be helpful and useful. It is at challenging moments such as these talking to a mentor or friend can help shift your thinking and open you to different possibilities. Another way is to sit quietly, ideally in Nature, and breathe deeply, focusing on calming the disturbed aspects of you until you are ready to allow in new possibilities. Doing so will help you see, in your bigger vision, the meaning of how to be more fully of service to others. What is also being challenged is our willingness to rule our own lives rather than allowing ourselves to be ruled by others.

This New Moon Will Steer You…. 

In the outer planet (background) energies, Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune and Mercury in Pisces remind us we should not always believe what we think. One of our human gifts is our ability to question the ways we make meaning out of the events unfolding in our lives. Venus conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, means issues of money, value and worth may appear. What is objectively true may be inflexible, though the meaning you make out of it comes from a limitless field of possibilities. The 22nd brings good news as well as being ideal for business transactions and the big vision. The influence of Pluto the next day brings a message with a potent vision as well as passion and financial flow, especially in relation to courses. The 27th provides a big boost to business as a whole. It is the day to tackle projects that involve courageous new/fresh starts and physical activity of some kind! The new moon in Pisces appears in the afternoon of 6th March. It is the last of five moons at 15º and so marks the beginning of the end of this period of transition. To Directing Your Way to a New Life   Gregory Author of the #1 best selling The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony: A Guide to Freeing YOU to Create YOUR Life, Shamanic coach, Speaker. Follow me on: P.S.  If you like what you read, share it with someone it may help, comment on it, and let me know what you think.