The Seven Secrets Nominated for an Award

This week I heard my book The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony was nominated for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards! It is listed in the self-help category under “The Seven Secrets to…”, please vote for it at Voting closes on 10th December.

The book details how I learnt that my body was sending me signals only I was not listening, with the result I was experiencing pain and discomfort.  Once I began to listen life became easier and more joyful. Hence why I wrote the book so that others could also benefit. In addition to case studies it contains scientific support for my contention our beliefs limit the way we live our lives. Guidance is available on how to change this – if you so choose!

Let me know if you need any help? Just press the contact button to email me.

Thanking you in advance for your vote!


P.S.  The TCK Publishing website does snot make it too easy to find the book you may want to vote for — so here is the ‘page finding advice’ they give that is too quickly displaced by the first list of books, and barely gives time to see the instructions!:

“Just click the (right or left) arrows at the top of the voting form to navigate between categories. Click on the book title to vote.”

Be aware you can only vote once, although you can change your vote if you click the wrong book… Also note that ‘Self Help’ is Category 3 (i.e. the book listings start at 1. Advice then 2. Business and Investing, then comes 3. Self Help)

“The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony” is in the bottom quarter of the listings so you have to scroll down quite a long way! You will see part of the book cover image below as well as the title.

Thanks for taking time to vote, I really appreciate it!


Update – at New Year I learnt my book was not the winner of the sefl-help section, though honoured to learn I was one of over 1,200 authors nominaited for the Award. Over 35,000 readers had voted – details here: Award Winners.