The Zero Point in Your Life is Now With You!

You are at the zero point in all aspects of your life, business and personal. The fifth and final of five consecutive full moons at 0° rose very early on 21st March, just after the equinox the evening before. It marked the closest coincidence of the March equinox and full moon since 20th March 2000.

 At Your Zero Point?

When planets are stationed at zero degrees, this represents new beginnings, fresh starts… new streams of potential flowing. More though it is going to force a re-boot of every part of your life which is not in balance – so impacting every aspect of your life.

In addition to the full moon in Libra being at zero degrees, the moon is reflecting the light of the Sun at zero degrees Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and exudes a wilful independence, a pioneering spirit that appears to us as the feeling of “anything is possible”. Aries is all about ‘Me’ and what do ‘I’ desire for my life.

The Libra moon though is encouraging us all to walk our paths in harmony, co-operation and the collaboration of community. Ruled by Venus the goddess of love, beauty and harmony, Libra is all about ‘Us’ and what do ‘We’ desire.

Together these are combining the deep call within all of us to rise up and embrace our Inner-Warrior (Aries) and seek to find new ways of connection, resiliency, empathy and community (Libra)….even in the face of our apparent immense differences and views.

An illustration of this was the recent walking out of classrooms by children across the globe demanding action on climate change – Aries in its full glory coming together as a united voice (Libra) to create change!

Unfolding Around You is…..?

Observation of current events confirms many more examples of this full moon encouraging each of us to gain clarity on what we stand for. Then using our collective voice/actions to create a transformation tsunami. 

The objective being to bring us all back into harmony with each other and our connection to the Creator, our origins. Challenging the current autocratic and plutocratic structures we see around us.

Maintaining the flow of this year´s unusual events, this full moon is the first of two consecutive Libra full moons – a very rare occurrence!

So immediately after the equinox, we will all experience two months of new beginnings.

As in astrology Libra rules the 7th house of intimate relationships, for two months the focus will be on bringing close connections into harmony. New or old, the purpose is the same. Meaning those that are not in harmony will part as Libra seeks to bring harmony, trust and use of intuition into your life.

Base all of your choices on what brings you peace, harmony and contentment. My suggestion is to feel into this rather than repeat old patterns, be prepared to engage with the new opportunities as they present themselves.

This is the zero point from which to launch a brand new life, with values which fit what is emerging for you.

Seek to avoid projecting your expectations onto the other party. Doing so creates the draining energy of co-dependency.

Rather ask how do I feel around this person?

Do I love how I AM around this person?

Does this person accept who I am, or set expectations which cannot be fulfilled and so instead of setting me free, creates co-dependency?  

Notice Any Resistance to….?

If not then feel into the source of your discomfort. Where does it sit in your body and what is it afraid of or seeking to achieve? My experience is there are two causes:

  1. Is the other person mirroring your own internal conflict as Libra seeks to create harmony in all aspects of your life? If yes, take responsibility for the part you are playing and stop projecting your fears etc. onto them; or
  2. Could it be the relationship has run its course?

The wounded healer Chiron moved into Aries in February. It represents where we hold our deepest wounds, hurts, sorrow and shame in our life. The call is to reclaim our power by releasing the hold these beliefs have on us, freeing our body, mind and spirit.

My suggestion is to apply the above to all relationships in your business as well as personal life. 

The third supermoon in a row at zero degrees in its sign, we are being encouraged to acknowledge the lessons of our karma coming full circle. Doing so enables us to initiate soul-nourishing change.

There are apparent contradictions though. Mars is urging us to gather, survive, sustain and maintain our resources whilst Venus is encouraging us to liberate, open to the future, and let go of the old ruts we have dug for ourselves. 

What to do?

Find Your Inner Peace to….

For the past weeks my almost daily guidance has been to seek my inner peace. Rather than jumping from one belief or solution to another, take a pause. 

The source of your desires have their roots deep within your psyche and your soul is now surveying the landscape of your life. Listen, feel, and go deep into both yourself and your memories to transform what no longer serves.

Retain only that which nourishes and supports the path your soul desires. These moments provide a wonderful opportunity to connect to your heart.

Bring your conscious reflection to the cycle of relationship begun in October 2017.

This affords each of us an opportunity to view our lives, choices, beliefs and actions from the expanded view of Spirit. Revealing their impact on your life so far.

Back to the theme of signalling a moment to change the course of our lives to bring greater harmony, peace, and compassion to ourselves and healing the hurts felt within and without.

Releasing old patterns, wounds, and memories of people to liberate yourself from limitations. With space cleared you can then embrace new perception and tap into the deeper mysteries of yourself and the world. It is your soul´s choice as to where next!

The Wounded Healer Will….

The influence of Chiron is to first heal the inner relationship with yourself and then your connections with others – to open to love, starting with yourself.

It may also take you deep into events in your childhood, in particular your relationship with women or the mothering, nurturing figures in your life. 

Until December 2020 the call of Saturn is to focus on “your mission, your sacred ambition” and to build it with sound foundations.

You will recall Uranus has just moved into Taurus for the next seven years. This Libra moon´s influence on Uranus is to offer us new ideas, new concepts that are ahead of our experience – they feel beyond mystical, beyond the conscious, our normal understanding.

This will mean exploring the unseen to yield incredible breakthroughs. It will also bring into place new leaders, pioneers co-creating a new era for Earth.  

Over the next month the impact of Pluto adds its push for transformation and rebirth. Embracing a major internal shift will be required to accelerate your business or career.

You will also have a great impact on others. Meaning you need to be very aware of doing everything for your and everyone’s highest good.

Over the next months you are embarking on a new life, starting completely fresh, feeling deeply invigorated.

March is a 15 month in numerology. Meaning it may lead to birthing a business, new product or service, personal growth.

Business is a vehicle for crafting your self-expression YOUR way. Being a business leader allows you to use your business as a way of influencing consciousness. 

Harnessing Your Inner Realms….

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Without it or limiting it we block our own success and never open to the flow of fulfilment and wealth we are being offered.

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These as well as drumming, rattling and chanting are part of the event, as is a Fire Ceremony. After leaving us, third parties commented on the difference in the energy and expressions of participants.

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Then the New Moon Rises

24th March will heighten the desire to explore spirituality, divination, mystery and the occult arts. Making it a good day for those engaged in these to be visible.

28th March Mercury in Pisces goes direct. Though do not assume disruption of communications will suddenly end as the shadow lasts until 12th April.

Mid-morning 5th April the new moon in Aries rises. Influencing the head, teeth, tongue and arteries, it offers wealth, happiness and success. The square to Saturn though means you have try hard and really want it. This new moon will not allow any short cuts to success.

To Accelerating From Your Zero Point   

Blessings to all


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