Unwilling to Accept A Life of Freedom and Flexibility Yet Unable to Change?

Since the full blood moon at the end of March we have all been challenged to address our priorities and assess what we have been focusing on.

Probably you have also been alerted to aspects that were no longer working personally or for your business? I have also been forced to reconsider how to go about all aspects of my life, business and personal.

When it comes to creating a successful life, you must have a BIG reason WHY you are doing what you are doing or aim to do.

Why? Because having a WHY is critical to your success. This is what creates the Opportunity for you. Without it you run into at least one or more reasons why you ARE NOT doing what you need to do to be as successful as you desire to be.

As a coach I value clarity, though this does not seem to have always been evident over the past weeks. How has it been for you?

Whether coaching fledgling entrepreneurs or corporate executives, I have found very consistent patterns and strong common links no matter the size, country or industry.

What stops everyone without a doubt is fear.

It shows up in our lives in many different ways. For example…

Do you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed? How about feeling worried or doubtful?

Do you care what others think of you or what others would think of you if you started a new venture or took action to take an existing one to its next tier?

Yes, these are all forms of fear!

And ALL fear comes from…

… the fear of not feeling loved or the fear of not feeling you are enough.

Its purpose is to keep us safe so we survive.

It is this which keeps us from being visible and pursuing greatness and success in our lives.

Especially with our relationships, health, money and business or career.

The new moon rises at the end of this coming weekend. It is a busy and highly active one that is going to bring some powerful changes.

It is also going to bring some guidance on the changes we can make in order to bring more harmony and balance into our lives. Enabling us to create a new comfort zone.

However, these changes may require us to step outside of our existing comfort zone and to break some long held beliefs and habits. Have they stopped you starting your business or unsure how to change doing just enough rather than acting to create the Opportunity for real growth and success?

Have the freedom and flexibility you are seeking in your life stepped even further away? Willing to make the changes to instead bring them nearer?

My suggestion is to use this week to review honestly what is not working in your life and where are you heading? Reflect on what areas or attitudes are no longer serving you and see if you can either change the situation or change your beliefs around the situation.

If mental fog and confusion still reign and/or you cannot see beyond the comfort zone of what you have experienced, this is fear. Need some assistance to move beyond it to grasp the opportunity, then click on the contact button to ask for my help.

Doing so will also prepare you for once Mercury has gone direct and the action taking energy increases.

To you inevitable success


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