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As September begins Gregory wants you to know his next book launches on Amazon.
Transforming Your Life II is again in the personal development space. This one is co-authored with 21 others. Each writes about a moment in their  lives where they overcame limitations to achieve what their souls desired.
Included in the authors are paralympians, professional bodybuilders, CEO’s of companies and a shaman – Gregory. The title of his chapter is “CEO to Shaman”.
Gregory´s first book The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony hit #1 best-seller status and the aim is to do the same again.

Transforming Your Life II launches 2nd September. As a thank you for following him you can download a copy for free from Monday to close of play on Wednesday next week.

Each of the authors sets out how they took courage in their own hands to step into the unknown of a new path. Stepping away from the decaying one. The purpose is to show you can also do so.
There is a private Facebook group where you can obtain regular updates as to the launch: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2122118067859317

The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony

Details how Gregory learnt his body was sending him signals. Only he was not listening, with the result he was experiencing pain and dis-comfort, particularly in the lower back.  Once he  began to listen life became easier and more joyful.

The lessons, science and changes he had effected, led him to write The Seven Secrets so that others could also benefit. It contains case studies of how using shamanic practices and other tools has changed the lives of clients and their businesses.

Guidance is available on how to make this transformation – if you so choose! Then you will be able to start, grow and achieve how  you desire your life, both personal and business, to be!

To Transforming Your Life

Blessings to all


Author of the #1 best selling The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony; co-author of Transforming Your Life II, Shaman, Coach and Speaker.

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