June Solstice – What Remains You Need to Let Go

Today we celebrate the Solstice. Regardless of where you are on Mother Earth, the message remains the same – now is the moment to identify what you no longer need and acknowledge the beautiful balance of light and dark that exists within you…
To embrace what inspires you, and let go of what you no longer need, it is holding you back.
The first six months of 2018 have seemed more challenging than expected perhaps?
At the beginning of the year I summarised its key themes as: “re-balancing of power between the feminine and masculine energies within all aspects of humanity and within each of us; emergence of new models for exchange, including money, and conscious collaboration rather than singular focus”.
And until 6th September we are still seeking help to move on from our old structures. In doing so my sense is many have enjoyed moments of both inspiration and insecurity.
This year so far has been an acceleration of your release of all that no longer serves you and you do not need. At the Solstice we may feel we are being squeezed and internally shifted to facilitate the massive release the remains of what needs to leave us.
If ever there was a moment to let go and allow… that is now. The more you resist, or live in your head about it, the harder it will feel.
The more you can allow this energetic/spiritual/physical upgrade underway, the easier and more amazing you will experience the transformation to allow success in all its forms into your life.
The Solstice marks the astrological start of the Cancer. It provides a perfect opportunity to balance your feminine and masculine energies. All of us have both the gentle, receptive yin and the decisive action-oriented yang. This is the perfect moment to reflect on parts of your life to determine where you need more of one or the other?
Summer Solstice or midsummer, is also known as St John’s Day. Golden-flowered mid-summer plants, especially Calendula and St. John’s Wort, have always been an integral part of summer celebrations, indeed they were believed to have miraculous healing powers when harvested on midsummer eve by the light of the moon.
Calendula and St. Johns flowers infuse their magical healing to the oils, creams, and lotions you need to keep any stressed skin glowing and healthy.
Wherever you are on Earth, the Solstice represents an opportunity to celebrate Light. To experience the Light within yourself, to see that same Light in others. To experience the interplay of the masculine and feminine within you, within Mother Earth and the cycles influencing us all.
It is also a moment for healing. Gracefully observing the interplay of light/darkness within your life and within our world.
A manifestation ritual to follow for the remainder of 2018:
Make a list of everything you wish to manifest during the next six months.
Be complete — include things related to career, personal issues, and other factors like clarity, confidence, and fun.
After sunset, light a candle of your choice. Place a vase of flowers you like next to the candle.
Say aloud:”I gather in the power of this day of light and call in the elements of fire, earth, air, and water to bring the power of the light to manifest my desires in the coming harvest. I ask that this be: Read aloud your list.
I affirm that I am able and willing to allow these wishes to manifest and I participate in the miracle of creation and with faith. Let it be so, so it is.
Allow the candle to burn until you go to sleep. Celebrate the energy of the evening in some way –play music, raise a glass, allow yourself some fun.
Need help in letting go?
You can effect such deep change through my expertise in working with energy and experience of working for KPMG to leading technology companies, coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA. To  arrange a complimentary 10 minute chat to discover if we can work together, email me by clicking on the Contact tab.

To Letting Go


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