Who Am I? What Do I Want?

The new moon on 4th May is going to question why we incarnated and what we were born to be, or to do. It will raise the questions: “Who Am I?” and “What Do I Want?”

Do You Generate Your Own Magic?

As such this Taurus new moon is going to touch our emotional heart. Yes the cycle will bring new beginnings, though to plant the seed or seeds you desire you will need to have done so from your heart. The emotional body rather than the mental one.

Whatever fear you may have with regard to saying yes to what you incarnated to do, it will question your own values and ethical standards. Particularly those you have accepted as true, though do not sit well with your own.

Earth sign Taurus is bringing us back to self, to ask: “Who Am I?” and “What Do I Want?” Answering will enable you re-discover you are the generator of your own magic in your life. Accepting that requires us to go inward, which requires alignment of mind, body and spirit.

Once we state we are making the choice to follow our mastery path support will appear. Until then Spirit is waiting, and perhaps giving us the odd kick!

The fire at Notre Dame – Our Lady of Paris, provides a symbol. Construction began almost a millennia ago. It has therefore overseen a period of autocracy, revolution and war. On 6th November 2018 the moon’s north node shifted to the Cancer-Capricorn continuum.

Until 5th May 2020 the lunar nodes will be focusing on bringing the polarities of the divine feminine and masculine into balance. Substantial funds have already been pledged to re-build Our Lady with a new design as the cosmos moves us away from patriarchy (Capricorn) towards matriarchy (Cancer).

As an Earth sign Taurus is about everything in your life, do you value it/them or not? Are you enjoying life´s pleasures, including the beauty of Mother Earth?

Choose Who You Want To Be

Taurus puts you in a place of gratitude for the simple things in life. It is asking each of us to focus on enjoying what you enjoy not what you do not. Inviting us to explore, connect with and be invigorated by Nature itself.

The emphasis is on the simple aspects of life. Allowing ourselves to enjoy personal nourishment – so enhancing our self-worth. Which in turn will benefit your belief system, the governor of your values.

As we move through this transition point, many have asked me about their purpose and vision as to how to create it. In particular the nature of their service and how to provide it.

When mentoring my first step to remind them this is a free will Universe. Then to remember to confirm your choice, not assume Spirit will automatically provide all you need – even if you know it is your mission!

Which reminds me of this quote from Andy Warhol — “As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”

With the emphasis on knowing yourself, I have suggested clients also create the new “being” they desire to be. Allowing the existing set of stories to depart to create space for the new. Initiate this by writing down whatever you enjoy, no matter how small, in life.

One client adapted this by drawing quadrants for her spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Then inserting into each what she enjoyed. Once complete add in what else you feel you wish to enjoy in your life. Review, reflect and confirm this is the being you choose to be from that moment.    

Completing this before the full moon on 18th May will initiate a project linked to your mission. When you feel fear, recognise it as your Lifeguard seeking to keep you safe. Remind yourself “I was born to be this, I was born to do this, this is what I have chosen to contribute.”

Focus Inward To Be The Master 

This is a feeling or burning desire to be, do, and contribute more. It is not though what is external to you to focus on. Instead view it as a sign your soul is bringing it to your awareness. Its purpose being to bring into full view what is already inside you.

Accessing and unleashing this potential requires each of us takes responsibility for our lives. Focusing on self-mastery rather than allowing the distraction of doing to lead you everywhere else.

Every last one of your aspirations, no matter how grand and seemingly out of reach, is attainable. My passion is to help you to take action to do so….

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Taurus governs the flow of money, sensual pleasure, beauty, perseverance and patience. Coupled with Uranus’ move into Taurus in early March, freedom from the past, change and big breakthroughs are the current themes!

May requires we move from the soul searching into action. Sharing your light – which you will when doing what you enjoy. Then Spirit supports and rewards you.

You may find Jim Rohn´s 5 questions will help you define where you are going in your life.

In numerology May is a 17 universal month. On the day of the new moon Taurus’ ruler Venus will be at 17° Aries. The two 17s together mean whatever you begin in the coming four weeks will last. 17 is the “Immortality Number” and Venus is in the first sign of Aries signifying new beginnings!

Taking the first step is what is vital. Yes set your clear intention, then make sure you take that step. Often we do not see the results of the actions we take at a new moon until the full moon six months later. This is the period for cultivation.

Create Balance In Your Life  

As 1 + 7 = 8, May points to abundance, power and prosperity. The energy of the 8 reminds you to speak about what gives you joy in all aspects of your life. It asks us to expand our thinking and expand our perspective. To be open to a new belief about ourselves – as the Creator of our world!

No longer being the victim by giving our power away to others.

It is also the moment to take risks as 8 equals re-generation and rejuvenation – balancing the spiritual and material worlds. Our focus needs to be on both rather than one, with its implicit fear we do not enjoy it!

When balanced both spiritual and physical abundance will also be present. .

The current pattern of the cosmos with its Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter retrogrades is an invitation to become more conscious of the culture and society we are creating. To this moment it has primarily happened by unconscious default.

The actions each of us now take to build and do business are essential. How to offer and do your work, will contribute to the creation of new values. From these will then emerge a new culture for society as a whole.

Many felt heavy around Saturn going retrograde in the last hours of April. Its purpose being to present you with the opportunity to re-evaluate the many changes made in your life over the last few years…

Especially where the ties of your ancestors, karma and other lives are still holding you back from attaining new levels of mastery.

The retrograde provides until 17th September an opportunity to “double down” on these aspects of your life influenced by Saturn:

  • Your financial reality (debts, savings, longevity)
  • Physical health
  • Home environment
  • Time management.

Be Ready For Romance

Saturn´s message is “do not give up”, a legacy is not built in a day. Space and focus is required. Uranus is also supporting by seeking to liberate you from old beliefs about money.

Saturn wants to help us where we are afraid of being seen to fail and so resist taking action. Or because of a need for it to be seen as “perfect” – another attempt by our Lifeguard to keep us safe!

All three retrogrades are going to be strong influences during May.

To assist you know when you are resisting your soul´s desires for abundance and other ways to assist you move beyond resistance, here is a Free download to a copy of my e book “5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Abundance in Your Life Today” .

The new moon and other movements during May enhance your psychic ability as well as insights and romance. There will be confidence and courage to move forward as Jupiter creates wealth, wisdom and expansion. Aries providing the drive.

As an 8 Universal month, any romance started will have an immortal feeling about it. New beginnings in both business and romance are favoured, as long as you follow your own path.

Our next event on 11th and 12th May is Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism. You will be introduced to the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides and power animals. There will also be the opportunity to connect to the energies of a medicine wheel, stone circle and a labyrinth as well as visit the Void.

These as well as drumming, rattling and chanting are part of the event, as is a Fire Ceremony. After leaving us, third parties commented on the difference in the energy and expressions of participants.

Now The Full Moon Adds….

I am currently working on a new online course “Shamanic Practices Business Accelerator!” I will be seeking beta testers shortly. Email me to find out more so I can add you to the list of interested parties.

A full list of our events can be found on Shamanics in Portugal´s Facebook page as well as web site.

The full moon in Scorpio rises on 18th May. If during the two weeks after the new moon you were challenged to touch the heart of the questions: “Who Am I?” and “What Do I Want?” this full moon will give you a significant helping hand. It will highlight for you the emotion of your deepest desire, its feeling and its desires.

The desire for deep meaningful emotional exchanges is the theme of this full  moon. Its impact will be felt in the sexual organs and parts of the body.

To Expressing Who You Are  

Blessings to all


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