Willing to Allow Magic Into Your Life?

Willing to Allow Magic Into Your Life?    

We are now into this year´s second month and as in January the magic of the moon is again a major influence. Building on January´s eclipse energy with its emphasis on our emotional intelligence – if January seemed to flash by for you….February will go even faster!

This New Moon Will….

The new moon rose on 4th February, adding an unusual lasting effect to those influences. It is the most advantageous new moon of 2019! You are nearing the end of a five month long pivotal period in your life. For this is the fourth of five new moons at 15º. The purpose, to enable you to embrace happiness, abundance, miracles and magic as your everyday existence.  In Aquarius this new moon is seeking to create stability through progressive change, bringing together tradition and innovation to create our future. To be achieved by each of us voicing our knowing so that it is heard by all. Meaning each of us will be communicating through a closer connection and our sovereign intimacy. Standing in and holding to our own identity, power, integrity and sovereignty. This will enable us to facilitate innovative change through either strengthening existing structures or disrupting them, so a wiser more life-serving culture can appear. Re-examining our cultural norms through a strong desire to return to our core values. It is likely to disrupt those “group rules” that deny our culture its holistic nature and inclusive participation. Added to this theme will be an optimistic outlook, faith and generosity during the next four weeks.

Take Action to Create Your Future

There will also be a significantly increased impetus for each of us to make a fresh start, turn over a new page, or take action on a new project/venture. It is the moment to nurture the ground in which they will grow. As such you have more confidence and the connection to more descriptive, imaginative language for sharing the magic of your ideas. Allow your creativity to flow as you are inspired to write, journal, activate the plan and fully experience this dream. My current focus is writing my part of the collaborative book project I was invited to join last year. The draft is to be submitted by 18th February with publication planned for early August – its working title “Transform Your Life II”. These four weeks will also increase support for questioning old habits, behaviours and beliefs. In doing so you are likely to gain insights into the grander, more inspiring personal vision your soul desires of you – your magic! This is not the moment to be critical of yourself as they emerge, rather be generous for the new ideas and direction which appear. For the Aquarius new moon is reminding us infinite possibility exists just beyond our metaphorical comfort zone. These weeks also bring the potential for a significant increase in your financial progress when connected to your spiritual work.

Your Comfort Zones Will….

Aquarius is the energy of innovation, new ideas, and rebellion against the status quo. Without the Aquarian breath of fresh ideas and energy, we would be doomed to repeat the past for all our lives! However, very often we do not embrace new possibilities for a very simple reason… Our Lifeguard, our unconscious mind, prefers we stay in our existing comfort zone, the one we know. My suggestion during these four weeks is to re-evaluate every aspect of your life. For you can use the forward thinking, higher mind of Aquarian energy to change your life. I shared in my recent Change Your Life Challenge, the tool of questioning a belief   no longer serving you yet keeps repeating in your thoughts. Simply acknowledge it, say to it “Thank you for Sharing”. Allow it to pass, then create a different thought – one you accept and know to be true. This is how you start the process of rewiring your beliefs.

The Moment to Dream Your Magic is Now

It will also start to shift where you place your focus. By opening to change, you create the space for the insights, inspirations, and new possibilities to find you and give you new insights as to how to gather momentum. Intending to live an enjoyable, flexible life with financial freedom, change must come. Now is the moment to open to “dream the impossible dream”, and allow it to carry you forward to create the magic of the future you desire. Remember 2019 is one of renewal, the eclipses may have helped alter the plans you brought into it. The current phase is one of discovery. February´s numerology of 5 brings change even if mentally you do not have complete clarity. This will come from taking action ahead of the retrogrades starting at the end of February. And…need more support to change your story, identify how to use your gifts, create in a more deliberate and empowered way and alter the patterns you may feel stuck in? I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. Email me by clicking on the Contact tab to explore possibilities. Following the lunar cycle, the Chinese New Year starts with this new moon. This is the Earth Pig. In Chinese culture, Pigs are yin and the symbol of wealth. It is also the twelfth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac signs.

The Year of the Earth Pig Brings….  

The Pig is viewed as the catalyst for growth, success, and Year of the Earth Pigrevitalisation. The element of Earth enhances the energy of the Pig… increasing the potential and risk, and the likelihood of experiencing life-altering transformations. The last Earth Pig year was 1959. In it the Earth experienced major adversities and transformations with global consequences. It also heralded the 60s! In the Chinese tradition, the Earth Pig is the enforcer of consequences. Determined, realistic, sensible and empathetic. The Pig can see through your own faults and only helps those who are heart centred. Regardless of your current situation – expect areas of your life to be amplified. It will deliver consequences to every area of your life. Changes in your health, finances, and relationships are bound to occur — especially if a certain area of your life no longer serves you. For the Earth magnifies and expands. It grants both light and shadow, provides all we need to heal and renew ourselves and experience positive transformations.

Access Your Inner Realms….

Our next event on 16th and 17th February is Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism. You will be introduced to the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides and power animals. There will also be the opportunity to connect to the energies of a medicine wheel, stone circle and a labyrinth as well as visit the Void. These as well as drumming, rattling and chanting are part of the event, as is a Fire Ceremony. After leaving us, third parties commented on the difference in the energy and expressions of participants. A full list of our events can be found on Shamanics in Portugal’s Facebook page as well as our web site.

The Power of the Full Moon Will….

On 9th February watch for emerging messengers and thought leaders speaking. It is also a good day for experimenting and beta testing. The 13th is a day for inner work. To stop and review beliefs still limiting us and to identify what we need to/must change so we are free. This may require a new approach to taking action to becoming free as often it is difficult to see our own! Whilst massive insights are possible, they may need help for us to “see”! Possibly the most advantageous full moon of 2019 rises in the afternoon, UTC, of 19th February. In Virgo it is seeking each of us to heal ourselves through exercising our sovereignty. The penultimate of five consecutive full moons at 00°, each is asking us to write a new chapter of our mission. It will amplify our intuition and is a good day to sign a contract as well as offer/launch new work in the form of interactive virtual activity – i.e. webinars, etc. and offering classes, coaching and facilitation! To Creating Your Magic  Gregory Author of the #1 best selling The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony: A Guide to Freeing YOU to Create YOUR Life, Shamanic coach, Speaker. Follow me on: https://twitter.com/grs2030. P.S.  If you like what you read, share it with someone it may help, comment on it, and let me know what you think.