You Are About to Re-Structure Your Life!

You Are About to Re-Structure Your Life!  

6th March is a major turning point in 2019, it is going to re-structure every facet of your life.

Yes, the new moon rising in Pisces will be amplified by the sun and moon conjunct Neptune, this water sign’s ruler, prompting deep dives within each of us.

Shifts on The 6th Will Initiate….

More though is that only hours before, the Great Awakener, Uranus, enters the secure, grounded Taurus. Uranus is about freedom, revolution and tearing down boundaries; embracing those who think differently, going where you have never been before.

It ignites a transformative spark in us all which will change every facet of your life over the next seven years. Whilst there may seem to be a contradiction between Taurus and Uranus, they are working together.

On one side there is the pull to defy/break free from the status quo and step into the unknown. On the other is desire to create and maintain consistency, safety, stability and what forms the existing comfort zone.

The one where your Lifeguard, your unconscious mind prefers you stay to keep you safe.

Why is Uranus important to us all? Because its full cycle of 84 years is broadly equivalent to a ‘human life-cycle’. Meaning each of Uranus´ transits through the zodiac is a lesson/growth phase in personal discovery/awakening and ultimately planetary evolution…

The transit into Taurus is to ensure each small step you take re-structures your life. So evolving and shifting the status quo. Uranus guiding us to create new forms of safety, stability, consistency, and making the unknown known.

Finding a new point of balance – one that respects and draws upon what has gone before without remaining bound by it. To achieve this it will be necessary to rework and reassess what actually makes you feel secure and stable, cultivating your ability to experience these feelings from within.

From your actions in life whilst letting go/releasing attachment to the things/structures that once provided your sense of place, your comfort zone.

Notice Any Resistance to ….?

For some, this will raise anxiety. When resistance overwhelms is when your Lifeguard, continues to trap you in an uninspired reality of stagnation. The remedy is to thank your Lifeguard for making you aware of the point and then calling yourself back to the practice of focus. Choosing a different direction.

This entire month marks a massive shift in our relationship with the divine feminine… encouraging you to let go of some of the steps of your masculine ‘plan’ and surrender to a more gentler path of least resistance. Taking us into 2020….

It begins with a change which is to step into leadership to fulfil your divine mission, to own who you are. The objective being to bring us all back into harmony with each other and our connection to the Creator, our origins.

By 26th April 2026 when Uranus leaves Taurus, your values will have shifted, you will hold new perspectives on prosperity, money and love, as well as financial abundance. You will be walking to the beat of your own drum, following your rules.

This new moon in Pisces is the last of five consecutive new moons at 15º. Pisces – unconditional love, is also the last sign of the Zodiac. Together they mark the beginning of the end of this five month period of transition.

March 2019 “just” happens to be a 15 month. In numerology 15 symbolises the spiritual alchemist who uplifts others with love, abundance and joy!

We are therefore being encouraged to lead our life with passionate responsibility, deep compassion for others and lots of laughter, creative self-expression and humour.

15 reduces to 6, the number of healing, nurturing, growth, self-care, creativity, love and self-expression, birth/re-birth.  

Ready to Give Birth to Your Idea for ….?

15 and 6 also enhance guidance, love and service to others – so you need to nurture yourself to replenish your inner resources.

The emphasis on nurturing may also lead to birthing a business, new product or service, personal growth. There will also be a sense of paying attention to home. Exploring whatever needs to be explored to bring about harmony. Be prepared to laugh at yourself, making it your medicine, your point of healing.

Remember business is a vehicle for healing all those places where you learned that you had to compromise who you are to create success.  It is the place where you craft your self-expression YOUR way. 

Being a business leader allows you to use your business as a way of influencing consciousness. 

It is a vehicle for evolution.  It is evolution on a smaller scale that allows you to experiment and simultaneously discover practical pathways to aligning with your highest principles.

I am currently working on a new online course “Shamanic Practices Business Accelerator!” I will be seeking beta testers around Easter. Email me to find out more so I can add you to the list of interested parties.

Pisces represents transcending the ego to step into the bigger picture of your spiritual truth. It can also provide an impulse to escape from the challenges of the here and now. Meaning it is important to pay attention to your spiritual needs when Pisces energy is heightened.

Know and Accepted Who You Are?

The day before the new moon and Uranus moving into Taurus, Mercury went retrograde. Yes all three this year will disrupt communications, what is more influential is they are in water signs.

This new moon, then, is the perfect moment to connect with spiritual mysteries and the needs of the heart. Making space to connect with divine wisdom in ways that are right for you: meditate, spend time in Nature, do art, space out, or connect with people and places that create a connection for you.

The element water is associated with the highly sensitive, intuitive forms of sensing, expressing and living. Revising how we communicate whilst strengthening our “gut” feelings and intuition. The lesson being the more we use it, the more we trust it, the stronger, sharper and more reliable it becomes.

Add in Neptune´s influence and we are being encouraged to step out of the mundane, the imprinted perceptions of possibility and awakening at a feverish pitch to a more sensual connection to the divine within. The deep knowing that anything is possible once we accept our authentic inner selves.

This retrograde is in Pisces and at the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac, so completion. Its message is to slow down, then we will be able to pierce through delusions distracting us. Legal contracts could be contentious until after 12th April.

14th March is particularly favourable for starting a new business or breaking ground/laying foundations on a new building (actual or metaphoric)!

The few days to the full moon on the 20th will amplify your drive to succeed and willingness to take initiative on a purposeful project. It also favours action taking on tasks you previously thought of as “too hard”/”can’t be done”/”not for me”!  

Every last one of your aspirations, no matter how grand and seemingly out of reach, is attainable. My passion is to help you to take action to do so….

need more support to change your story, identify how to use your gifts, accelerate your conscious business and alter the patterns you may feel stuck in? I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. Or, email me by clicking on the Contact tab to explore possibilities.

One Spirit Work

This will include identifying any event, experience or memory that keeps you from loving and accepting your true self.

Without it or limiting it we block our own success and never open to the flow of fulfilment and wealth we are being offered.

Our next event on 11th and 12th May is Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism. You will be introduced to the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides and power animals. There will also be the opportunity to connect to the energies of a medicine wheel, stone circle and a labyrinth as well as visit the Void.

These as well as drumming, rattling and chanting are part of the event, as is a Fire Ceremony. After leaving us, third parties commented on the difference in the energy and expressions of participants.

A full list of our events can be found on our Facebook page as well as web site.

Then the Full Moon Brings….

The last full moon at 00° degrees rises very early on 21st March, just after the equinox the evening before. It is the closest coincidence of the March equinox and full moon since 20th March 2000. The light of its illumination will shine while the intuitive sense is very sharp. It marks endings and beginnings.

In Libra, it is the last of 2019´s three supermoons. Its call is to cultivate emotional balance and the experience of stability and agility no matter what is being felt. It will remind you to re-connect with your soul, which has never been or will be linear!

Also effective changes of course come not from your intentions as these come from your mind – rather to align with your soul which is about feeling it! Then events will move quickly.

To The Re-Structure of Your Life   

Blessings to all


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