Are You or Your Beliefs the Creator of Your Life?

Ready to ignite a golden opportunity for epic change in your beliefs and overflowing abundance in every area of your life? The Capricorn full moon has passed its zenith and we are only a day or so away from sailing into the second half of 2018.

As you may have noticed very few of 2018´s months are “usual”! July has a double eclipse, Friday the 13th, Mercury going retrograde and is a “9” Universal month – the number of completion and release.

Have the first six months seemed more challenging than expected? Have you chosen to be a deliberate creator of your life, fulfilling your potential for greatness, or letting life happen to you – fate?

Until 6th September we are still being provided with help to move on from our old structures. In doing so my sense is many have enjoyed moments of both inspiration and insecurity over the first half of 2018.

During the next two weeks you are likely to feel more serious than usual and experience sadness, guilt, fear, restriction or inhibition.

It is going to call us into an examination of our stories of what happens when we feel deflated or defeated. The purpose being so we can find deeper emotional wisdom, though it will be intense.

The ambitious billy goat that rules this lunation is here to remind you there is only one way left to go for the last half of 2018 – straight up!

Capricorn is encouraging you to build your dreams step by step, even when it seems you are climbing a steep mountain. This is a period for patience and perseverance, not the moment to give up on yourself!

The full moon is very potent and very complex because Mars went retrograde on 26th June.  Mars, the warrior planet of passion, action, strife, and courage will be retrograde until 27th August.

Mars goes retrograde every two years, though this is the first time since 1971 it has made this transit. It also occurs alongside the coming eclipse season. On its own this is one of the major astrological events of 2018.

It is a point of karma, self-undoing, self-sabotage, reaping the whirlwind. Asking us all to make our anger, ambitions, and impulses more conscious.

In particular it is asking us to recognise the deeply held beliefs which cause us to both burn the bridges we need to progress and impede our ability to take the necessary actions to do so. Recognise this push-me-pull-you effect?

Rather it is a period for going within, finishing tasks left incomplete, re-doing, re-novating, and re-pairing. We are being called to re-view before we act. The retrograde wants to help you help yourself.

Full moons mark a moment of release, healing, abundance and celebration. Just as it pulls the tides, the full moon governs your inner waters, calling upon you to release any negative emotions, beliefs, fears or energies not serving your highest potential.

This is needed to create space for new growth and opportunities…for the remainder of 2018 and beyond perhaps?

Capricorn is an earth sign. It is asking us to apply some discipline to achieving our desires and objectives. Enabling you to create the new structures to support in growing and expanding your vision.

More than that, this full moon is about balancing your commitment to your life, both career and families. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the moment when the energy of the cosmos demands we express it. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for each of us. For no longer can we sit on our feelings, we must express them.

The alignments of Saturn and Uranus alongside this full moon suggest seriousness in your emotions and perhaps distance in your intimate relationships.

Some drama involving your home, parents, children or your partner will be very trying emotionally and perhaps lead to feelings of rejection and depression. We may also feel some pressure to make changes.

This full moon is also encouraging the end of bad habits and behaviours, overcoming phobias or depression, or removing yourself from a negative environment. For 2018 is a year of awakenings, growth, and building. It is a year to start building the foundation for your dreams. Have you started yet?

Do you have a sense of your direction? Have you listened to your heart?

Over the years I learnt when I reached out for too much help it ended up being a distraction, pulling me away from my own path. During certain challenges, the main hurdle to a shorter and more graceful path to my healing and evolution was listening to what others thought and what others were telling me to do.

In listening to them, I did not uncover the gems of what my own soul was trying to lead me to know. The only way to identify these gems is to dive deep within. Perhaps losing faith in your own inner healer that I have always trusted to help me move beyond and transform any challenge I have experienced.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Meaning some of the beliefs and patterns you observe may be connected to your father. It could be repeating what you heard him saying or doing. Consider how you are like your father in embodying both his strengths and weaknesses. Or alternatively, overcompensating to prove you are nothing like him or trying to win his approval, his love.

This is the moment to identify any limiting beliefs you have assumed from your father that are unconsciously causing you to project beliefs which are not yours. Be it a pessimistic outlook on life, need to overwork, doubting your own abilities or being overcritical of yourself and/or others.

If you are triggered, give yourself the gift of space to identify your unhealed wounds. This will allow you to take back your own authority by being responsible for your own healing rather than reacting like an “angry teenager!”

It is our limiting beliefs which prevent us from living to our full potential – in all aspects of our life. No matter whether career or personal, beliefs such as “not good enough to…”, “I will never be…” or “I will try…” stop us from achieving what we desire, our dream.

No amount of investment in marketing, personal growth or systems will provide the return you are seeking if your beliefs are limiting you.

You can effect such deep change and I can help you – through my  shamanic practice in working with energy and experience of working for KPMG – to leading technology companies, coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA. To arrange a complimentary 10 minute chat to discover if we can work together, email me by clicking on the Contact tab.

Saturn challenges us to take responsibility – for ourselves and the impact of our actions or lack thereof!

Every day we make choices, you can choose to live by the rules you were taught, or you can take responsibility to choose what gives you passion and excitement.

This means acting as a responsible adult rather than being the helpless victim. Then organising your life so there is a step-by-step approach that creates a sense of security and progress.

The Capricorn full moon is asking can you take responsibility to direct your destiny without dissipating your energy? Without feeling overwhelmed because you are taking on too much. You need to create this space for something really powerful to happen in your life.

The influence of Uranus means some original ideas and approaches that you would never have thought about will come your way. They will breakthrough existing paradigms, which is what Uranus loves doing!

Venus is also adding her artistic feminine imaginative spiritual influence and allowing abundance to flow. All of which means there is a flow between you and the creative nature of who you are.

Though this will be one of those moments when it is best to recognise the dis-comfort of old structures breaking down rather than seeking distractions. That way we will reap the rewards of self-love, inner strength, truth, authenticity, and the joy of being fully alive!

When you find yourself in such a transitional moment- life can feel intense. You think you must make the “right choice”.

That is not how life unfolds. There is no one right choice.

If you can change your perspective and have some empathy for yourself and what your emotional reaction, you will discover you actually do know what you want and there is already some internal wisdom about it and to or move toward it.

No one goes through this life without doubts and fears appearing. Even saints have them – though they also trust life will improve, probably in a way they have not thought of!

On 10th July Jupiter ends the retrograde motion it began in March. In the last four months, we have needed to learn how to deal with our deep emotions. From now on, this planet helps us financially and also encourages us to investigate occult and esoteric practices.

It is the great expander in the house of other people’s money. Bringing all sorts of financial benefits: inheritances, money from your parents or spouse, dividends, or from collaborations.

To Finding Your New Direction


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