Your Greatest Challenge Is Starting Something New  

To build a foundation for our long-term success we need to start something new. We can see from the world around us all the “old” things are being questioned. Habits, beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, careers, businesses, relationships…all aspects of our lives have been challenged since the beginning of 2019.

Refine and Know Your Direction

Now is the moment to choose what is important to each of us. Then to establish our own priorities. Rebalancing our ambition, choosing the direction to head in.

The new moon in Virgo has an emphasis encouraging you to really take care of yourself. It provides an auspicious moment to refine your direction, re-organise your daily life, take action on your health and work with joy.

With Mercury the ruler of this new moon newly in Virgo, we may find ourselves involved with issues that seem intricate, requiring complex analysis and focused solution creation. Yes Virgo is asking us to focus on the details so we can make a plan to start something new.

As a supermoon it is the closest the moon will be to Earth this year. It also shares tight aspects to Mars and Uranus. Urging innovative actions and inviting breakthroughs to take action in ways that may be innovative, unconventional or transformative.

On the intimately personal level, we are being invited into deep reflection for the purpose of refining ourself. This will probably require self-analysis as we untangle and examine our own objectives, habits and effectiveness.

Are you just checking off endless to-do lists to ‘clear your desk’ and prove your competence? Or is your work truly meaningful, necessary and helping your soul fulfil its desire to grow?

The Mars-Uranus configuration suggests we are being empowered to identify and serve our destiny. The wisdom of Virgo is grounded, embodied and action-oriented. Its energy is about movement, taking practical steps toward change.

This supermoon is also asking you to stop just talking about your grand plans and great ideas. This is the moment to actually ACT on them.

Decide Where You Want To Head

Nobody is going to do it for you. Which may trigger the shadow of Virgo, where self-criticism leads to heightened anxiety, guilt, self-loathing or shame.

This certainly has been my experience in conversations with several clients and others during this past week or so.

It is therefore the moment to address, or establish your daily practice. One aspect I have been emphasising is to strengthen your connection with Nature. Even something as simple as sitting with a tree will have a major benefit.

Connecting with the natural world will assist you to connect with your natural rhythms, connect with your true nature. With what is truly inside of your heart, it will be beneficial for you.

Taking a step such as sitting with a tree will also help you begin to re-balance with Nature as a whole. Helping to create harmony between Mother Earth, Father Sky and humanity is the core of being a shaman.

The guidance is to take small steps rather than feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of starting something new.

Offering support for this is Saturn moving direct on 18th September. The Lord of Karma is saying enough of re-evaluating the structures of your life. Now is the moment to put those boundaries, the structures and routines you have chosen into place. To expose and release yourself, know your direction and head toward it.

Being aware of the recurring patterns in all aspects of your life that are unhealthy or limiting you. When you do so you can create new structures to liberate yourself. Virgo is helping you to separate the wheat from the chaff in your life. What is nourishing you and what is not?

Where Is Humanity Heading?

The choice each of us faces is to continue to pollute all aspects of our environment by continuing to live in the way we do or change. To take responsibility for all aspects of our mind, body and spirit, or not. As each of us evolves so we shift the matrix of creation and so society.

The key to this is to set aside judgement as to what is good or bad, rather it just is. We then have the choice to make – whether we decide to act in a way which is for the benefit of all, or the benefit of others? The latter means sacrificing yourself for their benefit. Passing to them your personal power of creation.

The transition point we are at can be likened to adolescence. We can choose to let go of the “old school dogma” and create our own New Earth or remain bound by the structures of humanity´s childhood. Overwhelmed by the clamour and chaos swirling around its collective consciousness.

September as a whole could feel as though we are stuck in the mud as we blend the elements of Water, Venus and the moon, and Earth, Virgo, to mould our dreams. All of which reminds me of the phrase “may you live in interesting times!”

The one where your greatest creative potential lies. You choose its exact form.

My passion is to help you to take action to do so.

….need support? If you would like to work with me on creating your greatest potential, or any other issue schedule a complimentary  Accelerate Your Life Session with me. Or, email me by clicking on the Contact tab to explore possibilities. 

Three Steps to Enjoying Something New in Your Life

In numerology September is a three month, and we are in a three year. Three is about communication and expression, being direct and sharing what is in your heart. Mercury is in Virgo until 14th September, also emphasising communication.

Three is associated with the mouth, including the laughter, smiling and joy it expresses. A key part of how we communicate with each other. Interested to learn more, watch this short video about the quality of communicating “Why do I have trouble speaking up?”.

Here are three action steps to help you glide through the current highly potent energies toward something new:

  1. Take action to initiate and build your dreams. Plant the seeds rather than expect to reap them. Use Virgo´s practical Earth energy to set out your plans to create your healthier life, full of joy and service. Do not be afraid to speak to others about your plans. The words you express are an essential part of the process of creation.
  1. Express your inner desires, your dreams rather than leaving them buried and hidden away. Communicate your creation rather than passing it to others. Allow your unique abilities, gifts and skills to shine by being visible.
  1. Listen to the messages from your body. It holds the conflicts which create pain and dis-comfort. The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony is the story of my awakening to listening to these messages. Pain and dis-comfort are its means of seeking to attract our attention to a conflict it wishes to release.

My experience is that listening to its intuitive messages will help you  along your path toward happiness, joy, well-being and health.

Follow Your Genius to Something New

New moons usher in new beginnings. This one in Virgo also has a strong creative element. Initiating something which builds your sovereignty, creating self-possession – setting out your own desires and destiny, your genius. Not anyone else´s!

The launch of Transforming Your Life II began on 2nd September. Co-authored with 21 others, each of us writes about a moment in our lives where we overcame limitations to achieve our sovereignty. Setting out these moments in the book led us to acknowledge our unique genius.

As a thank you for following me you can download a copy for free. Amazon determines how long we can maintain the offer of my gift to you and the window is due to close at 23.59 Wednesday.

Support for you making a fresh start or a new project lasts until around 28th September. That does not mean completion by then, rather seeds planted. What you initiate in your life now and during these weeks will be memorable.

Before then the full moon rises early on 14th September in the sensitive and perceptive Pisces. Should you wish to be passive and wait for life to happen to you, then expect feelings of insecurity. Engaged in a creative or spiritual search, you will benefit from the great imagination Pisces provides.

You will feel the presence of this moon through your pineal gland, and with the need to ground yourself, through the feet and toes.

One Spirit Work

Our next event on 14th and 15th September is Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism. You will be introduced to the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides and power animals. There will also be the opportunity to connect to the energies of a medicine wheel, stone circle and a labyrinth as well as visit the Void. The point of all creation.

These as well as drumming, rattling and chanting are part of the event, as is a Fire Ceremony. After leaving us, third parties commented on the difference in the energy and expressions of participants.

Perhaps to help gain your clarity this is a moment to Quest? Shamanics in Portugal´s 2019 Vision Quest is planned for 20th to 23rd September. There will be a half day Introduction to Shamanic Journeying on the morning of 20th September, followed in the afternoon by assembly ready for the Vision Quest.

A full list of events can be found on Shamanics in Portugal´s Facebook page as well as web site.

A decided shift comes in the second half of September as Mercury and Venus enter Libra. They bring the much needed Air element into the atmosphere, enabling flows of communication and cooperation. The Libra equinox and new moon at the end of the month further highlight the realm of goddess Venus as relationships, harmony, beauty and balance are illuminated.

To Living In The New 

Blessings to all


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